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How to fix reconnect issue for steam games

2019/10/28 05:00

Notice: This wiki is for the old version CCBoot. Please click HERE to access the new version wiki

Sometime for unknown reasons steam games may crash or your client PC reboots and if the user is in game then he/she gets disconnected, and when trying to reconnect they are unable to reconnect. Here is how you can fix this.

1. In CCBoot new version, open the CCBoot.ini files (Figure 1)

CCBoot ini file

Figure 1

2. Under the [config] line add "SetMkLink=1" (Figure 2)

enter setmklinkF

Figure 2

3. Once you have entered the line save the CCBoot.ini file and then restart the CCBoot service.

a. Stop CCBoot service (Figure 3)

stop service

Figure 3

b. Start CCBoot service (Figure 4)

start service

Figure 4

4. Now, turn on your client and login to your steam account.

What this function does and how to check if its working.

a. The function creates a folder called "Steam" or "SteamData" on last versions in writeback disk (Figure 5).

Note: Make sure if this folder is shared and it is accessible from client PCs.

steam folder

Figure 5

b. When you login to steam account on one of the client, CCBoot will create a folder under the client PC's name and store the logged in account data (Figure 6).

clients folder

Figure 6

c. The data include the steam id, most recent played games settings and server connection information (Figure 7).

steam id and data

Figure 7

d. Since the data has server connection information, when you try to reconnect your connection will be successful

To check if the function is working on not, check for "Steam" folder in one of your writeback disk and more folders inside it.

If the steam folder is not inside the writeback disk then please try restart the server once.

Note: In case if you want disable this feature, open CCBoot.ini  and add under the [config] line "SetMkLink=1" or delete this line.


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