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Fix low FPS issue in game

2020/03/17 23:41

Notice: This wiki is for the old version CCBoot. Please click HERE to access the new version wiki

There are many factors that play role in low FPS issue. Some of them are listed below as well as their solution.

1. Server NIC speed

When you have more clients booting from CCBoot server, having only 1 NIC - 1gbps is not enough and clients run in to low FPS issue due to client PC not able to load game files fast enough. 

To solve this, use multiple NIC on the server, preferable is Dual NIC or Quad NIC (in teaming) depending on the number of client PCs you have.

2. No SSD Cache

SSD Caches help client read game files faster as once the game files are cache in ssd cache, clients read from SSD cache if any files are not available in RAM cache. If you have not set SSD cache, then clients will read direct from the Game disk which causes the games to load slower as reading directly from game disk is slower than SSD cache.

To solve this, you need to set an SSD to be used as SSD cache for the game disk 

Note: Even if your game disk is SSD, you still need to use and setup SSD cache for it.

3. Game settings

Normally, users graphics card performance is limited but they set the game visual settings to High, then they will get Low FPS.

To solve this, there are 2 ways.

a. Get a better graphics cards

b. set the game visual settings to match your graphics card and play game.

4. Graphics cards driver

Graphics card drivers also affect the FPS for games, if you are using older driver which is not optimized for the game you are playing, then y you can get low FPS. So always keep the drivers update.

Note: Some time new drivers may have issue and can cause low FPS, these drivers need to be optimized for the games. So if you experience low FPS after installing new drivers, then you should down grade the drivers to previous one.

5. Writeback disk 0% idle

If you are having low FPS and lag as well then you need to check your writeback disk for 0% idle issue. If Writeback is not able to keep up with your client writeback then it can result in to low FPS and lagging issue. 

To solve this, you need to optimize your writeback disk. some of the ways are listed below

a. Replace current writeback disk with better SSD - write optimized SSD

b. Increase or decrease writeback disk cache to match your writeback disk

c. Format writeback disk - so that any corrupt data will be removed allowing for smoother writes to the write back disk 

d. Never use hdd for any disk for CCBoot, Always use SSD

6. Optimize your client OS

There are many ways you can optimize your OS for game, below are some of articles related to it

Low Frame Rate (FPS) Troubleshooting

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7. Use Local Writeback disk (use this if you have spare hdd or ssd on client)

Local writeback means that the client PC will use a local harddisk or ssd to save it writeback data. In doing so, the network activity is lowered and allow the client to have better read from the server.

This helps to improve clients performance as well as to improve FPS for the games. Also in using Local Writeback some games like PUBG, CSGO which have much data read and write see significant improvement for FPS.

(Read more about local writeback function.)

8. Client NIC optimization

When optimizing the client NIC, not all clients will get better performance as each client NIC is different. So for some clients, you need to disable only "Flow Control" in the NIC properties.
If you do not see better FPS, then you can continue with further NIC optimization.


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