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CS:GO nosteam Work with CCBoot

2018/07/24 23:12

Notice: This wiki is for the old version CCBoot. Please click HERE to access the new version wiki

Following method works with CSGO downloaded from the Steam as well.

1) Download and extract the SmartSteamEmu141.7z package and put it in game disk (Figure 1).

Smartsteam emu extracted

Figure 1

3) Open the SmartSteamEmu141 folder and double the SSE Laucher executable to run it (Figure 2) .

running sselauncher

Figure 2
4) Drag the CS:GO game in to the SmartSteamEmu Launcher window (Figure 3).

csgo to sselauncher
Figure 3

5) After you drag and drop the game in the SSE Launcher, "Game Settings" windows opens. In "Game App Id:" enter "730". Then click save to add the game to SSE Launcher. This is same for steam version of CS:GO as well (Figure 4).

sse settings for csgo

Figure 4
Note: If you want to run Counter Strike Source with this method then when adding game.
In "Game App Id:" enter "240". Then click save to add the game to SSE Launcher.

6) The SSE Launcher will now have CS:GO in its window (Figure 5).

sselaunch ready for csgo

Figure 5

7) Now, In the client open the SSE Launcher and open the game. Play without any crashes and on LAN as well.

Disclaimer: We recommend purchasing the game if you enjoy the game. We do not host the smartsteamemu on our servers. The link is purely for educational use only


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