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CS:GO nosteam Work with CCBoot

2018/07/24 23:12

Following method works with CSGO downloaded from the Steam as well.

1) Download and extract the SmartSteamEmu141.7z package and put it in game disk (Figure 1).

Smartsteam emu extracted

Figure 1

3) Open the SmartSteamEmu141 folder and double the SSE Laucher executable to run it (Figure 2) .

running sselauncher

Figure 2
4) Drag the CS:GO game in to the SmartSteamEmu Launcher window (Figure 3).

csgo to sselauncher
Figure 3

5) After you drag and drop the game in the SSE Launcher, "Game Settings" windows opens. In "Game App Id:" enter "730". Then click save to add the game to SSE Launcher. This is same for steam version of CS:GO as well (Figure 4).

sse settings for csgo

Figure 4
Note: If you want to run Counter Strike Source with this method then when adding game.
In "Game App Id:" enter "240". Then click save to add the game to SSE Launcher.

6) The SSE Launcher will now have CS:GO in its window (Figure 5).

sselaunch ready for csgo

Figure 5

7) Now, In the client open the SSE Launcher and open the game. Play without any crashes and on LAN as well.

Disclaimer: We recommend purchasing the game if you enjoy the game. We do not host the smartsteamemu on our servers. The link is purely for educational use only


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