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Fix Blade and Soul install now error

2020/07/29 19:54

Notice: This wiki is for the old version CCBoot. Please click HERE to access the new version wiki

When you install Blade and Soul in the server and run the game in client. It will show you install now error. Learn how to fix it.

1. Enable superclient on one of your client and boot it.

2. Launch the Blade and Soul game from desktop shortcut or iCafeMenu (Figure 1)..

Launch BNS

Figure 1

3. Login to Blade and Soul game using your credentials (Figure 2).

login to BnS

Figure 2

4. Now the game will show you the "Install Now", click the "Choose file path" button beside it (Figure 3).

choose file path for games

Figure 3

5. On the "Browse For Folder" dialog box, go the the Blade and Soul game folder and click "OK" button (Figure 4).

game folder

Figure 4

6. Now it will search for updates (Figure 5).

searching for updates

Figure 5

7. After few seconds, it will show "Play Now" button, click it. (Figure 6).

ready to play

Figure 6

8. Now, the Blade and Soul game launcher will verify the files (Figure 7).

game files verifying

Figure 7

9. Once the files are verified, the game launcher will download and update nProtect Game Guard Engine files (Figure 8).

nProtect updates

Figure 8

10. After the nProtect is updated, the game will launch (Figure 9).

Game launching

Figure 9

11. Enjoy the game (Figure 10).

Game running

Figure 10

12. Now, that the game has launched properly, turn off the client and then save the superclient data.

13. Subsequent boot of client, you will not see the "Install Now" again.