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Getting Devices Ready on Windows 10

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  • In the clients which have different hardware specifications, it will pop up the message of "Installing PNP Driver for New Hardware" or show "Getting Devices Ready" screen during boot.
  • As of the latest version of CCBootCloud (released on 20240324), we've introduced GPU PNP functionality to accommodate various GPU models. This enhancement allows for seamless integration of different GPUs into the CCBootCloud environment.
  • To ensure smooth installation and utilization of GPU drivers, please refer to the wiki Install GPU drivers

  1. Super client the PC that is showing the driver installation pop up or screen.
  2. Boot the super client PC and install relevant drivers for the client hardware.
  3. Once done, shutdown the client PC.
  4. Disable super client and save the image.
  5. Now, boot other clients as well and check if any client shows the same "Installing
  6. Once you have finished doing step 1-6, but you still get the "Getting Devices Ready" or "Installing Drivers" then you need to use Hardware Profiles to resolve this.

Hardware profiles

  • Hardware profiles work differently compared to simple super clients and install drivers.
  • There are cases, the hardware drivers may be conflicting with each other, for example, the driver filename is the same.
  • That is, after enabling super clients to update the drivers of one of the clients, the drivers of other clients will have conflicts. Mostly, this problem happens to graphic card drivers, when this happens, we recommend you try and use Hardware Profiles.
  • If you are experiencing increased reads and writes after using the hardware profile then please make sure you enable client cache. Once enabled, you will see less writeback to the server.
  • If you want an updated GPU driver or you have issues with recognizing GPU. Please do a clean installation of the GPU drivers.
  • Ways to do clean installations:
    Firstly, uninstall GPU drivers using DDU (
    Download here)
    Then install the latest GPU driver: