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Client PC boot error with “\BOOT\BCD” disk signature conflict

In some Internet cafes, when you cannot disable HDD in the BIOS, and don't want to remove the HDD either then you may use some other ways to not boot from HDD or disable HDD.

In this situation, when the client diskless boot, the CCBoot client's image disk may conflict with the existing HDD, then you may get disk signature ID conflict. Thus, when you use super client mode to update an image, it may change CCBoot client's image disk signature.

However, changing the image disk signature is not allowed in Windows 7, and may show "\BOOT\BCD" error during diskless boot.


  1. You need to remove the hard disk physically or disconnect its SATA cable.
  2. You can try another client as a super client, and see if the error is not shown.

Note: Some users tend to delete the 100MB partition of Windows 7 without properly migrating the boot files and recreate the BCD. Then at that time, the client will also get the /Boot/BCD error.

Refer How to Remove the Windows "System Reserved" Partition to properly delete the 100MB partition