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Change gateway for clients for different internet

We all have used one or two internet connections in our cafe and have faced the issue of changing the gateway for clients so they can access faster internet for smoother game play for online games. So, let's learn how to do it automatically.

1.Open the CCBoot installation folder.

2.Create folder "Cmd" in there.

3.Create "groupname.txt" file where "groupname" is the name of your PC group in CCBootCloud. You should create a txt file for each PC group.

4.Open the txt file and write the following:

route delete

route add mask metric 1

instead of you can write the gateway that you want to use on this PC group (Figure 1).

Figure 1

5. Save the txt file.

6. Then boot any PC in super client mode; set static IP and delete gateway (Figure 2).

Figure 2

7. Lastly, turn off the PC and save changes to image.