CCBoot Wiki Create Boot Image

  1. Install Windows 7/10 in single partition
  2. Standard Method to Create Boot Image
  3. CCBoot Client Interface
  4. Using VMware to Create Boot Image
  5. Using Ghost to Create Boot Image
  6. Convert VMDK to VHD File
  7. Expand the Boot Image Disk Size
  8. Create Client Image with Dual NICs
  9. Create Linux Boot Image
  10. Using CCBoot Diskless Boot Plop Linux
  11. Install Windows 7/8/2008 from HDD
  12. Convert VHD to Ghost
  13. Upload Image Failed
  14. Add from INF
  15. ImageX Tool to Create Boot Image
  16. Create windows bootable USB drive to create client image
  17. Decrease boot time for windows 7 clients
  18. Upload Windows 10 Image
  19. Compact image to make it smaller size
  20. Fix RTX Graphics card shows black screen on client