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How to install “Fornite” game by Epic Games

2018/11/05 21:54

Refer this manual for updated instruction for installing Epic Games launcher and Fortnite for diskless client.

Register and Download “Epic game launcher” on their website. 

At Server:
1. Download and run “Epic game launcher” installer, then click "Install" button to continue (Figure 1).


Figure 1

2. Let the installation finish (Figure 2).


Figure 2

3. Login to "Epic Games" with your account (Figure 3).

Epic Launcher

Figure 3

4. Click "Install" button on the Fortnite and then click "OK" button to continue (Figure 4).

Note: You do not need to change the installation directory, leave it to default.

Fortnite install

Figure 4

5. Now, the installation starts (Figure 5).

Fortnite Installing

Figure 5

6. Once, the game is finished installation, it will show "Launch" in "Fortnite" game (Figure 6). 

Fornite installed

Figure 6

7. Now, sign out and exit the "Epic Games" launcher.

8. Download the EpicGameFixer and extract it your game disk (Figure 7)

Epic Games Fixer

Figure 7

9. Double click the "EpicGamesFixer", it will create a new folder named "Epic Games" on the same directory as the "EpicGamesFixer" file (Figure 8).

Epic Games

Figure 8

10. Now, wait for few minutes and once the process is completed, Epic Games Launcher will automatically launch (Figure 9).

Important: You have to wait until Epic Games Launcher starts automatically. If it doesn't start, then check the "Epic Games" folder for "Launcher" folder.

Process completed

Figure 9

11. Login to check if everything is OK or not.

At client:

12. Now, for CCBoot client, boot one of your client PC as super client and run the "EpicGamesFixer" from same location on the game disk.

13. The process takes few seconds. Once done, there will be a shortcut for the Epic Games Launcher on the desktop.

14. Now, you can run the Epic Games, Fortnite without the need to update from client PC in super client mode.

If your server is updated but client show install or update again then, you need to delete the Fortnite folder in "C:\Program Files\Epic Games", after that run the EpicGamesFixer once again.

This will fix the issue. The issue is caused due to Epic Games folder being available in C:\Program Files

You can also fix the issue by deleting the C:\Program Files\Epic Games folder and then running the EpicGamesFixer.


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