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Fix Fortnite game error

2018/11/14 13:40

Issue 1: 

Fortnite game give error - "Entry Point Not Found" when you run the game (Figure 1).


Figure 1


1. Delete the 4 Fortnite**.exe file from the "Epic Games\Fortnite\FortniteGame\Binaries\Win64" folder (Figure 2)

file delete

Figure 2

2. After the files are deleted, open "Epic Games Launcher" then "Verify" the game (Figure 3).


Figure 3

3. Once the verification completes, the error message will stop showing.

Issue 2:

Fortnite IP Ban or Hardware Ban

Solution 1:

1. Create a new image.

2. Install the game in image from Client.

Solution 2: 

1. Format the game disk

2. Re install the game to game disk from client PC in super client mode.

Issue 3:

When trying to login to Epic Games you encounter error  AS-1041.


1. Run any client PC in superclient mode.

2. Open on client side Command Prompt (Win+R and enter: cmd)

2. Ping any site, for example: ping

3. Enter: ipconfig /flushdns

4. Run epic launcher and check if you can log in. If it doesnot help with the issue then, check fortnite server status: Epic Games Public Status

5. Turn off PC and save changes in image.


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