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Clients Boot Simultaneously too Slow

2018/01/22 03:12


It takes about 1 minute to boot one client PC, but when all clients boot simultaneously, it takes a very long time (about 15 minutes to boot 50 client PCs). The clients boot speed is too slow.

The common issue for having slow diskless booting is listed bellow

1. The Server and Client is not Gigabit LAN speed

2. The Image is not properly optimize

3. Server and client network is not properly optimized also

4. Faulty Image disk and Write-Back disk


1. Please check whether the flow control is disabled in the switch and server NIC properties. If not, please disable it.

2. Use SSD for image disk instead of traditional HDD.

3. Also use SSD for write-back disk instead of tradional HDD.

4. Check if your client's NIC is working at 100M instead of 1G.(cable, switch or NIC may have issue)

5. Add another NIC to the server and load balance two NIC to boot client faster. (NIC teaming)

6. Add more RAM cache to the image disk.

7. Enable client cache


Improving CCBoot Server Performance

Run CCBoot Server on Linux

Disable secure boot in BIOS

Using super image to boot clients

Update CCBoot older version to new