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Install Exitlag

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Instructions on how to install Exit lag

  1. Begin by installing a fresh operating system on your target machine. This ensures a clean environment for installing the necessary software.
  2. Install ExitLag. Once the OS is installed, proceed to install ExitLag.
  3. After installing ExitLag, access the NIC properties and uncheck the ExitLag service to prevent conflicts during later stages.
  4. Next, install the CCBoot client software.
  5. Upload the disk image you intend to use for booting. This image should contain the necessary configurations and software installations, including ExitLag.
  6. Boot the target machine from the uploaded disk image to apply the configurations and installations.
  7. Access the CCBoot settings to enable Super Client mode, which allows for advanced system configurations.
  8. While in Super Client mode, revisit the NIC properties and ensure that the ExitLag service is unchecked to avoid conflicts with the booting process.
  9. Once all settings are adjusted, exit Super Client mode and reboot the system to apply the changes.
  10. After the system has rebooted, launch the ExitLag program and configure it according to your preferences.
  11. By following these steps, you can install ExitLag CCBootCloud efficiently and avoid potential conflicts that may arise during the installation process.