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  1. Sign up for OpenDNS: Create an account on the OpenDNS website to gain access to their services.
  2. Set up your network: Log in to your OpenDNS account and add your network to the dashboard. Follow the instructions provided, including downloading the OpenDNS updater if necessary for dynamic IP addresses.
  3. Configure web filtering: Navigate to the settings for your network and select the appropriate level of web filtering. Choose to block categories such as "Gambling" to restrict access to those sites.
  4. Apply changes to DNS settings: Configure your router or device to use OpenDNS servers for DNS resolution. Update the DNS settings in your router configuration or device network settings with the OpenDNS server addresses: and
  5. Test the configuration: Verify that the filtering is working by attempting to access a known gambling website. If the configuration is successful, the site should be blocked.
  6. Monitor and adjust: Regularly check the activity logs on the OpenDNS dashboard to see what websites are being accessed from your network. Adjust the filtering settings as needed based on your observations and requirements.
  7. Youtube Video with steps How to Setup Open DNS on Router (Home Network) in 2024 | Tech Mash