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Cause of the client

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For the problems caused by the client itself, the causes can be found in the following aspects:

Causes of the client network card

  1. Network card brand: the network card is divided into 100Mbps network card, 1000Mbps network card, independent network card and integrated network card. The 1000Mbps network card is better than the 100Mbps network card. The independent network card is better than the integrated network card. The diskless systems are recommended to use the 1000Mbps network card, for example, the Realtek 8111 series, Realtek 8169 series, the NF, Atheros brands are not recommended.
  2. Network card driver: The same network card differs in performance if using different drivers.
  3. Optimization of network card: The optimization methods of different network cards have great influence on the performance of clients. Please refer to "Client OS system optimization" for details.
  4. If the client has virus the it will use up all system resources, CPU and RAM and cause the client to slow down and lag while playing games:

To fix this, run virus scan on the image using antivirus program or delete the file infected by the virus and re install the files

Cause of the client write-back speed

  1. CCBootCloud software can use the client's RAM to set up the client write cache. Please refer to the "Client Cache" chapter.

  1. CCBootCloud can identify the remaining physical RAM which can be used to set up the client write cache.

Problem of the image package

If the image package is not optimized, it will cause the lag on the client. Please refer to the "Client OS system optimization" for optimizing clients before image upload.