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10G NIC low speed issues

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Although you have 10Gbps network connection, you are getting low throughput. It is due to the use of incorrect PCIe slots to connect the 10Gbps NIC.


There are a total 4 types of PCIe slots: PCIe x1, PCIe x4, PCIe x8, PCIe x16 (Figure 1).

Connect the 10Gbps NIC in PCIe x4 if the NIC is only 1 x 10Gbps port and connect to PCIe x8 if there are 2 or more 10Gbps ports in the NIC.


Figure 1


The PCIe x1 slot has a speed limit of 4Gbits/s. So, the Network connection of 10 Gbps NIC will be very slow (~3.5Gbits/s).