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Server BSOD Solutions

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If you have used the server for a long time and have many applications installed on it as well as some antivirus, then it can cause the server to use 100% of the RAM causing the server to hang and reboot.

  1. To fix this, remove unwanted applications and leave 2-3 GB RAM free in the server.
  2. CCBoot relies heavily on RAM of server so if you have a faulty RAM then server can end up crashing and
  3. To fix this, Check the RAM using memtest and see if it gives any error, if it does show error then replace the RAM module.
  4. If you have downloaded the OS image from untrusted sources then it may have hidden malware or virus causing harm to your files.
  5. So, if this happens, reinstall Server OS from trusted sources. we recommend using Server 2008/R2 or server 2012/R2 for server use