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Issues on boot UEFI image

Sometimes when you create UEFI images and try to boot the client PC, you may encounter an issue "No more network devices". There is a way to fix this issue. Follow the steps as mentioned below:

  1. Disable the second DHCP server on your network and use only CCBoot DHCP. You can use Scan DHCP to find all DHCP servers on your network, but sometimes this doesn't show all dhcp servers.
  2. Disabled all static IPs configured on your router.
  3. Check if the server and client are placed on one subnet, and IP is not duplicated on the network.
  4. Target issue. Correct target name:[any number from 1 to 100].
  5. NIC drivers also can cause this issue. If you use UEFI images, you should collect drivers from the UEFI partition.