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ISCSI Initiator Installation

2014/08/02 16:10

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If you system is Windows 2003, then you need to install the iSCSI program.

If you system is Windows 2008 or Windows 7, then you do not need to install the iSCSI program, because the system has iSCSI program.

1.1 Install iSCSI Initiator in Win2003

Download the installation package of the iSCSI Initiator -

1) Double-click the "iSCSI" setup, it will pop up the "installation wizard" dialogue box, and then click "Next" button (Figure 1‑1).

Microsoft ISCSI Initiator

Figure 1‑1

2) In the pop-up "Select Installation Folder" dialogue box, select the installation directory, and then select the "Everyone" button, then click "Next" button (Figure 1‑2).

Select Installation Folder

Figure 1‑2

3) In the pop-up "License Agreement" dialogue box, select the "I Agree" and click the button, and then click "Next" button (Figure 1‑3).

License Agreement

Figure 1‑3

4) In the pop-up "Microsoft iSCSI Installation Program" dialogue box, select the "Install Complete iSCSI Initiator" and click the button, click "OK" button (Figure 1‑4).

Microsoft ISCSI Installation Program

Figure 1‑4

5) In the pop-up "End User License Agreement" dialogue box, click the "Agree" button (Figure 1‑5).

End User License Agreement

Figure 1‑5

6) After the successful installation, click "OK" button (Figure 1‑6).

Successful Installation

Figure 1‑6

2.1 Activate iSCSI in Win2008 and Win 7

1) Click "Start" button, and then in the "Run" edition box, enter "iSCSI", then click "iSCSI Initiator", run "iSCSI" (Figure 1‑7).

ISCSI Initiator

Figure 1‑7

2) In the pop-up "Microsoft iSCSI" dialogue box, click the "Yes" button.

3) It will pop up "iSCSI Initiator Properties" dialogue box (Figure 1‑8).

ISCSI Initiator Properties

Figure 1‑8


Load Slow When Internet Disconnected

Disconnect the iSCSI Initiator