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Change in Super Client Work Process

2018/04/04 23:13

Notice: This wiki is for the old version CCBoot. Please click HERE to access the new version wiki

In CCBoot previous versions, when using super client to update image or game, after clicking the "Enable Super Client" and selecting image or game disk, then it will pop up whether to create recovery point dialog box. 

In new versions of CCBoot,  the work process of super client has changed. After you click the "Enable Super Client" and select image or game disk. It will not ask you, whether to create recovery point or not, and the image would not be saved at this moment. The image is saved only after you have finished making changes/updates, and clicked the "Disable Super Client" button.

When you click "Disable Super Client", it will ask you, whether you want to update image. If you click "Yes", then it will ask you if you want to make recovery image for the changes to the image or not.

If you click "Yes" then it will ask you to enter the recovery points detail. Click "OK", and the image will start its update process and create a recovery point, just incase you want to undo the changes. But, if you click "No", the changes will be saved directly to the image and there will not be any recovery point created.

This change of super client work process, let you choose if you want save the changes or not after you have finished making changes. If you have made a mistake during updating image or game, you can simply cancel the updates when disable super client. This will prevent any troubles to your current image. 

Besides, during the process of updating by super client, there won't have safe mode menu when Windows 7 (client) boots. So it allows you to update image or game at any time, even when the clients are online.

Note: When you have placed the client in super client mode - the client cache will be disabled and will not be enabled until you have disabled super client and saved the image and booted the client in normal mode.


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