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Install Windows 7/8/2008 from HDD

2014/07/19 16:39

The method of installing Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 2008 from HDD is the same. We will take Windows 2008 for example. And the steps are as follows.

1) Download iso image file. Load Windows 2008 image file, and copy all the files to the HDD, such as "D:\win2008".

2) Copy the "bootmgr" and "boot" folder of Win2008 to Drive C, and then, in the root directory of Drive C, create a "sources" folder, and copy the "" file of "D:\win2008\sources" to this new created "sources" folder.

3) If Drive C has not been formatted as NTFS, you can use the XP build-in "convert /fs:ntfs c:" to convert C to NTFS format.

4) Run "c:\boot\bootsect.exe /nt60 c:" with administrator permission, and then restart the computer.

5) When the installer starts, select the language and keyboard which you want to install.

6) It will display the "Start Installation" Interface. (Please pay attention not to click the "Install Now", but click the "Repair My Computer" on the left bottom.)

7) Enter into the "System Recovery Options", select the "Command Prompt", and enter into the DOS form.

8) Format Drive C by using the "format c:/fs ntfs /q" command.

9) Now you can run "D:\win2008\sources\setup.exe" and then press the "Enter" key. The next installation steps are the same with booting from the CD.


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