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Fix Asrock H110M-HDV slow diskless booting

2018/01/22 03:16

After uploading the Windows 10 image of this Asrock H110M-HDV specs the diskless booting takes 2 to 3 minutes.

So here’s the method to improve the diskless booting, this method is also applicable on other motherboard specs.

1. On the CCBoot Server click the “Image Manager”.

2. Right-click on your Windows 10 Image and then select "Add NIC Driver to Image". (Figure 1-1)

Add NIC Driver to Image

Figure 1-1

2. In the popup dialog box “Do you want to Add NIC Driver to Image” click the “Yes” button. (Figure 1-2)

Do you want to add nic driver to image

Figure 1-2

3. Here on NIC Drivers window, unchecked the other NIC except for Realtek, then click the "OK" button. (Figure 1-3)

NIC Drivers Window

Figure 1-3

4. Let the update process to finish (Figure 1-4)

Update process

Figure 1-4

5. In the popup dialog box “Add nic to image success” click the “OK” button. (Figure 1-5)

Add NIC to Image Success

Figure 1-5

6. After that test the diskless boot


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