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Client Services Optimization

2017/05/17 22:09

Operation steps:

1) Download files from the website:
If the operating system is Win7, download; if the operating system is WinXP, download

2) Unzip the downloaded file, right-click "install.bat" file, select "Run as administrator" (Figure 1‑1).

Unzip the Download File

Figure 1‑1

The successful operation results (Figure 1‑2).

Successful Operation Results

Figure 1‑2

3. Disable the "Google Update Service" on services.msc to avoid too much traffic on client, to avoid unwanted consumption of the Internet bandwidth and to avoid unexpected filled disk space of Write-Back Disk (Figure 1-3)

disable google update service

Figure 1-3

Note: In new version of CCBoot, you do not need to do this manually. 

When you install CCBoot client application, it will ask to "Do you want to optimize the client?", click "Yes" button, it will auto optimize the client windows. Windows 10 has its services optimized.


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