Successful Cases Indonesia Internet Cafe (SweetNET) CCBoot Case

Indonesia Internet Cafe (SweetNET) CCBoot Case

Internet cafe Name: SweetNET

Contact Person: Rio De Chaniago

Telephone/Skype: 085279993334

E-mail: [email protected]

Address: Lampung, Indonesia

SweetNET server and client specification:

Sweetnet Server and Client

Figure 1-1

Internet Cafe SweetNET information: 

My internet cafe was established in 2009 until now, and now amounts to 28pc, I am the first that try and use ccboot in Lampung Territory of Indonesia. Big thanks to the Ayah ewa (ternak_jerapah) who helped and taught me in the world of internet service and networking, especially in ccboot configuration. You can see video of my internet cafe here:

Sweetnet Entrance

Figure 1-2

Sweetnet Snacks

Figure 1-3

Sweetnet Client Computers

Figure 1-4

Sweetnet Customers

Figure 1-5

Sweetnet CCBoot Interface

Figure 1-6