Successful Cases Philippines G1 Cafe Success Case

Philippines G1 Cafe Success Case

CCBoot as a diskless boot solution, easy to update and recovery software, and has over 30,000 satisfied customers around the world. This page shows some pictures about CCBoot successful case of G1 Cafe. 


Name: G1 Café

Address: 2131 Nuestra Senora De Gudalupe, Makati City, Philippines

Server Specs:

Processor : Core i7 5th Gen Processor i7-5820
Motherboard: MSI x99a SLI Plus
RAM : 64 GB 
LAN: 8 x 1 GB Teaming (8Gbps)
Disk: SSD (Image, writeback, SSD)
Game: 2 x 1TB HDD

Client Specs:


Processor: 4th Gen i3 Processor i3-4170
RAM: 8 GB 
Graphics Card: Nvidia GTX960 2GB 
Monitor: 27” ViewPaker

Regular PC: 
Processor: 4th Gen Intel Pentium
Graphics Card: Nvidia GT740 2GB 
Monitor: 24” ViewPaker


Figure 1

Server hardware

Figure 2

playing 2

Figure 3

Playing 3

Figure 4

Playing audience

Figure 5