Successful Cases Indonesia Internet Cafe (Fullhouse2) CCBoot Case

Indonesia Internet Cafe (Fullhouse2) CCBoot Case

Thanks for Yono Sucipto, one of our CCBoot resellers in Indonesia, provides these information about Paul Tambanon's successful deploy of diskless solution CCBoot in his FULLHOUSE Internet Cafe. Thanks for all your supports, with your trust, we can do better.

Reseller Yono Sucipto Contact Information
Contact Person: Yono Sucipto
Phone: +628128757860
E-mail: [email protected]
Adress: Jendral Sudirman no. 549 East Prabumulih, South Sumatera, Indonesia
Blackberry messenger: 7B7371F5
YM: toystoys_hitam

End Customer Paul Tambanon Contact Information
Cafe Name: FULLHOUSE (84 PCs)
Cafe Owner: Paul Tambanon
YM: [email protected]
PIN: 7DB067D4

Address: Jln. Songsi Raya (Pekapuran 2) No.5 RT/RW 003/06, Jembatan Lima, Kecamatan Tambora, Kelurahan Tanah Sereal, 11210 Jakarta Barat, Indonesia

Fullhouse Internet Cafe Introduction

Figure 1-1

Fullhouse Internet Cafe Client

Figure 1-2

Fullhouse Internet Cafe Server

Figure 1-3

Fullhouse Internet Cafe location

Figure 1-4