Successful Cases France Lycée La Croix Rouge School

France Lycée La Croix Rouge School

Lycée La Croix Rouge


2 rue Mirabeau, Brest - France

Managed by:
Emery Olivier
Network Administrator

Network Infrastructure:
10-20gb optical fiber network core
Network Card: Intel Server Adapter X520 T2 (10gbps)
Number of CCBoot servers: 20 spread over 15 vlans

CCBoot server:
WriteBack: 3 x SanDisk 128G SSD
Image Disk: 2 x SSD 840 PRO 500G / 1TB

There are 15 image files in use for the computers without any child disks

A total of 8 different servers hardware are used for CCBoot which are listed below:
1. HP 7725
2. Intel Thermaltake
3. HP 8200
4. HP 8300
5. HP 800G1
6. HP 800G1 - v2
7. HP 800G2
8. HP 800G3

Number of clients (average) per server: 80

Biggest server support 200 computers booting from it.

The total number of computers deployed using CCBoot is 1550 through the campus in over 200 classrooms.

DHCP is handled by CCBoot's own DHCP server while the windows license is handled by a KMS server for both Windows OS and Office 2016

Here are some of the pictures of the classes.
lab 1 
Figure 1

lab 2 
Figure 2

lab 3 
Figure 3

lab 4
Figure 4

 lab 5 
Figure 5

CCBoot server 
Figure 6

Lab 6
Figure 7