Successful Cases Albania Internet Cafe CCBoot Case

Albania Internet Cafe CCBoot Case

Thanks for Geri sejko, one of our CCBoot resellers in Albania, provides these information about successful deploy of diskless solution CCBoot in his Internet Cafe. Thanks for all your supports, with your trust, we can do better.

Internet cafe Name: Cyber Cafe

Contact Person: Geri sejko

Telephone/Skype: 0696804390/geri sejko

E-mail: [email protected]

Address: Mitat Hoxha Saranda Albania

Internet Cafe information: Internet and Gaming Center, Bar for drinks and fast food. Mostly coming for internet in the next days the internet cafe will organize some tournaments. internet cafe is open for 24 hours /7 days.

Server Spec: Intel Quad core 2.9GHZ  8GB DDR 3 1GB Realtek Switch HP.

Clients Spec: Core 2 duo/Core duo/Core quad 2GB/4GB 100MBS/1GBS.

Albania Cafe Entrance

Figure 1-1

Albania Cafe Checkout Counter

Figure 1-2

Albania Cafe Client Computers

Figure 1-3

Albania Cafe Computers

Figure 1-4