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CCBoot Used As Virtual Disk Game Server

2016/05/09 12:42

In January 20, 2015 we release CCDisk, a virtual disk server software for game centers.

So we recommend using CCDisk instead of CCBoot, if you are using CCBoot as Virtual Disk Game Server.

CCDisk is the virtual disk software for game center developed by us. It is compatible with all Microsoft Windows OS (bot 32Bit and 64Bit). It has all the best features of CCBoot (RAM Cache, SSD Cache, Game drive mapping) except diskless booting of client PC.

It's easy to use and doesnot have any difficult settings. Just few steps and you will be up and running in no time. You be amazed with its near local disk like performance. Let's talk about some of its features.

  1. Client have access to the Game disk on the server as if its their own disk.
  2. After each reboot, game disk are restored to its original state at clients end.
  3. Update games using one PC and all client will get the updated games once rebooted.
  4. Save the hard disk expenses and time that used to be spent managing games 
  5. It is as fast as the local disk and with caching options game access time is far less than traditional hard disks.

More information about CCDisk, you can download CCDisk and watch the video of how to use CCDisk.


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