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Dual LANs Segment

2016/05/18 00:43

A Server PC installed with two different network cards, CCBoot server settings are as follows:

Such as the two Server LANs IP are:;

Gateway correspond to:;

1. ON the CCBoot Server open the Main Interface click "Options" , DHCP settings, select DHCP server IP saved, others cannot set.

2. Open the user management, click client settings interface, start the server in the IP which fills the need to start the server IP. For example,, fill the custom gateway:

3. May fill in first a client, and then select the default, then the client can start from the NIC, belong to the local area network; start the server and then modify the default client IP and gateway, for example: server IP changed to: custom gateway to: 192.168.; so restart the client from

This network connection has started.

This will achieve the dual cards Dual LANs with a single server machine.


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