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Installing PNP Driver for New Hardware

2017/03/16 17:20


It has no problem to diskless boot clients which have different hardware specifications with a single Windows 7 image, but it will pop up the message of "Installing PNP Driver for New Hardware" on one of the hardware specifications' clients. This happens when you have USB devices plugged into different ports than the client PC from which you made the image from.


Windows 7 has a good compatibility with other devices, so it is no need to do Multiple Hardware Profile. To avoid the message of "Installing PNP Driver for New Hardware" popping up again next time, you can follow the following instructions.

1) Diskless boot one of the client PCs (which has "Installing PNP Driver for New Hardware" problem) with super client.

2) Install the relevant device drivers.

3) When finished, shutdown the client PC, and disable super client on the server.

Note: If you have more than one PC that show the drive installation then you have repeat the above steps for each of the clients.

Note: In some cases, the hardware drivers maybe conflict with each other.

That is, after enabling super client to update the drivers of one of the hardware specifications, the drivers of other hardware specifications will have problem or show not installed.

Mostly, this problem happens to graphic card driver, for this we recommend you use Hardware Profiles for the clients.

Thanks for Thomas Yuen reporting this problem.


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