CCBoot Subscription and License Policy

1. A license key can only be used on one server at the same time.

2. The license is based on clients' amount. Hence. if you have 20 clients, you need to purchase 20 users license.

3. Once you have purchased subscription license from us, you will get free technical support service and upgrade service during the subscription period.

4. If you are having difficulty setting up your system then please contact us at or chat with us on skype

There are few things you need to consider. You cannot use the license in more than one server at a time. You will get license problem if you have used the license on different servers.

Sometime license problem occur for many reasons like:

1. When you change servers to new one and failed to activate your license.

2. When you have upgraded to new version.

3. When you use license in more than one server.

According to our license policy, one license can only be used on one server at the same time. If you want to change server, please reset your license before you enter license on the new server.

Please follow the instructions below to resolve any license issue.

1. When you change servers, stop using the old server and only use the new one.

2. After changing the server, login to your server using your email and password you got when you signed up for CCBoot Email verification, if you have not signed up yet, then Sign Up now.

3. Once you sign in to your new server. It will tell you that the license is being used in another server. Click Yes to open reset license windows

4. After the license is reset successfully, close the window and sign in again, you will get "Register OK", it will also open "License status" windows when you can check your license status as well as manage your license.

Adding PC to current subscription.

1. The expire date doesnot change when you add PC to current license.

2. If license expire date is near then renew the license before you add PC to it.

3. You can add pc then renew as well, however this is slightly more expensive than renew first and then add pc.

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