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CCBoot with pfsense 3rd Party DHCP

2018/01/07 00:29

1. Open a browser and enter the IP address of your pfSense server. (Figure 1)

pfSense browser access

2. Login to pfSense using your credentials (Figure 2)

pfSense credentials

3. Click "Services" and choose "DHCP Server" (Figure 3)

pfSense Settings

4. Set the DHCP range, DNS servers and the Gateway for your clients and click the "Save" button at the bottom. (Figure 4)

pfSense DHCP Settings

5. On your CCBoot Server, open "Options", "DHCP Settings", select "Using 3rd Party DHCP" then click the "OK" button to save your settings. (Figure 5)

CCBoot 3rd Party DHCP

6. Boot up your clients, your clients will acquire their IP address from your pfSense server and will be listed in your CCBoot "Client Manager" (Figure 6)

CCBoot Client Manager

7. You can also check the assigned IP of your clients in your pfSense server in "Status" - "DHCP Leases" (Figure 7)

pfSense DHCP Leases


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