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Install CCBoot Server

2017/02/24 18:54

Download the latest version of CCBoot Setup Package from website.

Installation process takes about a minute.

1)   Open the setup package, click ‘Next’ in the installation wizard (Figure 1-1).

Figure 1‑1

2)   Select the "CCBoot Server Installation" radio button in the "Select Component" step, and then click "Next" button installation starts. (Figure 1-2)

Figure 1-2

3)  Once installation is complete, check the “Launch CCBoot” checkbox and click “Finish”button (Figure 1-3).

Figure 1‑3

4)   On the pop-up dialog box, click "Yes" button to reboot your server (Figure 1-4).

Figure 1-4

5)   Once the server is rebooted, double click the CCBoot icon on the desktop to open the CCBoot main UI (Figure 1-5).

Figure 1-5

6)   If you have purchased license already then lets register the license. Click "Help" menu then click "About and Register" option (Figure 1-6) .

Figure 1-6

7) Now, on the "About CCBoot" dialog box, enter your license and click "Register" (Figure 1-7).

Figure 1-7

8) Once the license is verified on our server, a pop-up will open "Register OK", click “OK” button to close it (Figure 1-8)

Figure 1‑8

8)   Now, setup the DHCP settings as per your network configuration (Figure 1-9)

Figure 1‑9

CCBoot Server Ports

CCBoot uses the following ports - 67 (DHCP), 69 (TFTP), 3260 (iSCSI), 1000 (Image Upload),8001 (Service Control). Please open these ports on the server firewall to make sure client PC can diskless boot successfully. For CCBoot v3.0, you also need to open port 66. v3.0 using port 66 as DHCP backup. And after v3.0 20130871,CCBoot use port 4011 instead of port 66 as DHCP backup.

Note: In order to make sure that client's PCs can diskless boot well, please shut down the other DHCP services on the LAN, especially the DHCP service in the router.You can be rest assured that after you disabled other DHCP services on the LAN,it will not affect other computers' connecting to the Internet, because CCBoot will provide DHCP service which could also be used by the computers which boot from HDD.



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