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Install CCBoot Server

2014/08/29 18:07

Please download the latest version of CCBoot installation package from 

1) Launch ccbootsetup.exe on the server and  press the "Next button". (Figure 1-1).

Install CCBoot Server

Figure 1-1

2) Select the "CCBoot Server installation" radio button in the pop up dialog.(From CCBoot v3.0 20140801, Server and Client all in one install package.)

Install CCBoot Server

Figure 1-2

3) Keeping on pressing "Next button", in the pop up "CCBoot Options" dialog box, specify the "Write-back Path" and "Upload Image Path" as you wish, then keep other settings as default (Figure 1-3).

Install CCBoot Server

Figure 1-3

The "Write-back Path" is used to save the data written from clients. With this feature, every client can save private data separately. And these data are only available for client on which they are created.

The "Upload Image Path" is used to save images uploaded from clients. With such images, you can diskless boot clients over the network based on iSCSI.

4) Click "DHCP Settings" tab, and set the DHCP settings as below.

Demo Environment (Figure 1-4)

Server IP:


DNS Address:

IP Mask:

DHCP Range:

Install CCBoot Server

Figure 1-4

You need to select the correct local IP address as "DHCP Server IP". Press "Scan DHCP" to check if there are other DHCP services on the LAN. If yes, shut them down avoid the conflict between the CCBoot DHCP and other DHCP service. Especially, please disable the DHCP service in the router.

5) You will get the main interface as bellow (Figure 1-5).

Install CCBoot Server

Figure 1-5

CCBoot Server Ports

CCBoot uses the following ports - 67 (DHCP), 69 (TFTP), 3260 (iSCSI), 1000 (Image Upload), 8001 (Service Control). Please open these ports on the server firewall to make sure client PC can diskless boot successfully. For CCBoot v3.0, you also need to open port 66. V3.0 using port 66 as DHCP backup. And after v3.0 20130871, CCBoot use port 4011 instead of port 66 as DHCP backup.

Note: In order to make sure that client's PCs can diskless boot well, please shut down the other DHCP services on the LAN, especially the DHCP service in the router. You can be rest assured that after you disabled other DHCP services on the LAN, it will not affect other computers' connecting to the Internet, because CCBoot will provide DHCP service which could also be used by the computers which boot from HDD.