CCBoot - What's new

* Update Win10 nic drivers
* Disk and image list is sortable.
* Client advanced opt support disable Windows 10 updates.
* Removed some usefulness functions.
* Fixed disk idle bug
* Rewrite open/close function of virtual disk
* Improve the delete write-back file function
* Improve create nic package
* Improve Intel i218/219 boot with ipxe.pxe

* Update nic drivers
* Improve nic pnp function
* Improve adult filter function
* Improve steam reconnect function

* Fixed a bug in "Hardware Profile" function
* Optimized application performance

* Added "Update from IDC" function when install NIC drivers
* Added "Convert Collected NIC" function in CCBootPNP
* Added "Memdisk for Temp File" function in Additional options at CCBoot Client
* Added "Enable Adult Filter" function for filtering porn sites
* Optimized Windows 10 upload function
* Optimized status bar info
* Optimized the hardware profile function
* Fixed a bug for remote function

* Added function to show client CPU/RAM usage status
* Added function to show super client info in status bar
* Added function to show NIC description in client list
* Added function to show writeback data size in client process dialog
* Added "Additional Options" function on CCBoot client

* Optimized "Sync Image" function
* Optimized "Remote Me" function

* Fixed a bug in handling vhd file

* Fixed a bug may causing activation failed
* Added function to check if image disk is full when you launch CCBoot UI
* Optimized "Local Writeback" function
* Optimized "Remote me" function
* Updated language files
* Optimized application performance

* Added function to show server LAN speed info in status bar
* Added function to highlight "Link speed" for client if client LAN is 100M

* Fixed a bug of "Boot Menu Timeout" function
* Added function to support change list height for user list
* Added "Call Support" function
* Added "Video Tutorial" option in Help menu
* Added function to search clients in client manager list
* Expire time is now shown in about dialog box
* Optimized upload image function
* Optimized hardware profile function

* Updated NIC driver to latest
* Added "iCafeMenu" button on CCBoot
* Added "iCafeMenu" in CCBoot installation package

* Added "Optimize Server NIC" menu item in tools menu
* Added "Change Log" menu item in the help menu
* Language files updated
* NIC driver for Intel & Realtek are updated
* Application performance optimized

* Optimized application performance
* Changed "Write to local HDD" to "Local Writeback"
* Japanese language updated
* Added function to filter symbols in the PC name
* Deprecated few command from old version not available in new one
* Optimized license management function

* Added hardware profile column in client list
* Added function to revert changes to services for client
* Updated NIC driver to latest
* Added wiki page display in browser during first time setup
* Optimized application performance

* Optimized windows 10 upload
* Fixed a bug of CPU/GPU in windows 10
* Added USB write protect function for client

* Added "Backup Settings" and "Restore Settings" function
* Added "Synchronize" function for image and client manager
* Added function to show client's active process and full process list
* Fixed a bug in "Write to local hdd" function
* Optimized "Remote me" function
* Turkic language updated

* Optimized application performance
* Allow minimize "Remote me" function

* Optimized PNP NIC driver list display
* Optimized "Disable Super Client" function
* Optimized client cache function
* Optimized application performance
* New improved "Remote me" function
* Fixed a bug in "Add User" function
* Fixed drive letter assignment for multiple game disk
* Auto assign first image to new clients
* Auto assign new image to clients without image assigned
* Added function to assign game disk to client group
* Added temperature symbol in CPU/GPU temperature

* Killer & Realtek NIC drivers updated
* Added warning about VMware Tools
* Optimized application performance
* Optimized enable super client function
* Optimized chart display
* Added CPU & RAM usage stats in status bar
* Optimized CCBoot DHCP settings
* Disable email authentication
* Added new license register
* Fixed double LAN at client causing no internet issue
* Added CPU/GPU stats for client PC

* Optimized application performance
* Fixed image upload bug

* Added "Keep Writeback" function
* Added "Save to image" function
* Fixed Remote Control function conflict some billing application
* Fixed clients lag in WOW game
* Fixed a bug in client's system restore function

* Fixed a bug in setting DNS in clients
* Fixed a bug in hide/show individual columns
* Fixed a bug that reset cache when CCBoot UI is opened
* Optimized client cache function
* Optimized application performance

* Improved updating CCBoot client from server
* Improved system optimization for clients
* Improved NIC optimization
* Improved write to local HDD function
* Improved change resolution of monitors in dual monitor setup
* Fixed a bug in file commands
* Fixed a bug in create bootable USB function
* Fixed a bug in DHCP and TFTP causing client not able to boot
* Optimized application performance

* Fixed IP info
* Fixed a bug in cache settings
* Fixed some gateway problem
* Fixed a bug in Email Authentication
* Fixed SSD cache bug
* Fixed a client optimization bug when CCBoot client is installed
* Fixed a bug in changing display settings
* Added client writeback to local HDD function
* Added individual column hide/show function
* Improved set display function
* Optimized interface display
* Optimized multiple hardware profile function
* Optimized support for z170 motherboards

* Added support to enable super client for different image/game disk
* Added function to "Rename in Booting" for individual client
* Optimized "multiple hardware profile" function
* Optimized "Default Client Template" function
* Optimized "Enable/Disable super client" function in CCBoot client
* Optimized CCBootPnPX
* Optimized application performance
* Improved license verification
* Updated CCBootPNP NIC drivers
* Fixed VLAN DHCP bug
* Fixed a bug in TFTP
* Fixed a bug in add NIC
* Fixed DHCP times
* Fixed display resolution bug
* Fixed SSD cache bug
* Fixed image upload bug
* Fixed recovery point management bug
* Fixed IP assignment bug

* Optimized "Email Verification" function
* Optimized CCBootPnPX
* Optimized menu status
* Optimized "Install Client" function
* Optimized "DHCP Users" function
* Optimized "Auto Allocate Boot Server" function
* Optimized application performance
* Add support move DHCP users to default group users and move other group users to DHCP users
* Add support for hardware profile
* Fixed a change drive letter bug
* Fixed a bug in "Update CCBootClient" function

* Added "View->View DHCP Users" to view the DHCP users
* Added support for ESD files in "Create VHD USB" function
* Added Support z170 motherboard for Windows 7
* Optimized "Mount/UnMount" function
* Optimized "Image Add" function
* Optimized Email verification
* Fixed IP assignment to DHCP users function
* Fixed "Auto allocate boot server" function
* Fixed UI freezing issue
* Fixed "Auto Reboot" function not working correctly
* Fixed game disk locking bug
* Fixed 100% CPU usage for CCBoot
* Fixed client/image/disk list showing issue
* Fixed JS error messages pop up

* Fixed a bug in server/client stats
* Fixed a bug in active domain

* Added "Admin Password" field to manage CCBoot password
* Must set "Admin Password" in Options to use "Upload Image" and "Enable/Disable SuperClient" function from client computer
* Added Client Information on the "Client Details" dialog box
* Added initial support for ISO file booting (currently supports winpe based ISO)
* Fixed a bug of CCboot Client Application when Domain user was logged in
* Fixed a bug in Chart info displaying improperly
* Removed Non-PXE Group
* Disabled previous volume label change after changing "Disk Type" in "Disk Manager"
* Optimized Email verification
* Optimized Active Directory (AD) support function
* Optimized "Bug Report" function
* Optimized Log content
* Optimized application performance
* Disabled auto CCBoot UI lock on close(to lock UI click File-> Lock UI)

* Added "Mount/UnMount" function for images
* Solved the tool tips not showing properly in Windows 10
* Added Disk "Cluster" size column from Performance in Manager
* Disable General/DHCP Wizard during CCBoot launch
* Optimized the disk list
* Optimized the application performance

* Optimized the disk list
* Optimized some system menu function
* Optimized the image adding function
* Optimized the options dialog box
* Optimized the lock dialog box

* Added "Disk" function
* Added new tool bar for easier control
* Added Boot timeout function for Dual image
* Added support to set 120Hz screen refresh rate for client
* Many more changes have been made
* New license registration system (email & password authentication instead of the license only authentication)
* Modified the way to "Disk cache" settings work
* Integrated Dual boot image function
* Optimized the client properties dialog box
* Deleted "Disk Group" function and added instead of "Image" function
* Removed Server - Client Disk mapping
* Removed Keep Writeback function
* Improved superclient function
* Improved windows 10 upload function
* Removed image upload path
* Removed writeback path

* Optimized the application performance

* Fixed a bug of lock dialog box
* Support "-Sleep" command line
* Optimized the application performance

* Fixed a bug in ccachex
* Optimized "Active" function
* Fixed a bug in 32-bit operating system

* Optimized "Remote Assistance" function
* Add "Keep Password" function in lock dialog box
* Optimized "Recovery Points" function
* Optimized "Upload Image" function
* Optimized CCBootPnP
* Add "Login With Domain" function in CCBoot
* Add "Add Domain User" and "Reset Domain User" function in CCBootClient

* Optimized CCBootPnP
* Fix a bug in change computer name
* Add "Remote Assistance" function

* Optimized "Personal Disk" function
* Add "Enable/Disable super client" function in CCBootClient
* Optimized "Private" function
* Optimized "Auto Installation" function in CCBootClient
* Add "Active" function in CCBoot

* Optimized "Enable Super Client" function
* Compatible with SL4.5
* Fixed a bug in read/write volume

* Optimized DHCP
* Optimized CCBootClient

* Add "Create VHD USB" function
* Optimized "magic shutdown" command

* Rebuild tightvnc
* Fixed Win8/Win10 NV PnP
* Optimized the setting of UAC
* Optimized the "Third party DHCP"
* Fixed a bug in create new client
* Fixed a bug of ccbootclient when the boot server is empty
* Support "merge to last"
* Optimized the google and the adobe
* Optimized the import/export funcion

* Fixed a bug of steam VAC conflict.
* Fixed a bug in automatically assigned the write back path.
* Fixed a bug in upload image.
* Fixed a bug of super client.
* Support "magic shutdown" command.
* Fixed a PnP bug.

* Refused to set the image file path to the game disk.
* The server interface will not show the "vnc mirror monitor".
* Modified the name of the write back file.
* Automatically assigned the write back path.
* Add digital signatures to the PnpDriver.
* Fixed a bug of initialize VMDK.
* Allow to merge all restore points.

* Auto close the process on the game disk when enable super client.
* Fixed a PnP bug in upload image.
* Fixed a bug in boot server allocation.
* Added some commands
* Updated language
* Auto reboot the machine that write the largest write back data.
* Fixed a bug of shutdown Win8
* Fixed a bug in DHCP
* Optimized the writeback problem of Win7

* Fixed iscsi command reject
* Fixed try lock volume

* Fixed reg_sz bug
* Updated Turkey language
* Support 64T disk

* Fixed physical disk update with super client problem
* Support pause commandline

* Fixed a change drive letter bug
* Added image disk free space check
* Clean system event log before upload image
* Fixed a cache compatible problem
* Fixed compatible problem with Pan webfilter
* Fixed pclogbook problem

* Fixed bug in format disk
* Fixed bcdboot problem
* Fixed junction and hard link in upload image
* Fixed recovery points bug
* Fixed network identify problem
* Support Memtest, grahpics boot, multiple boot
* Improved pxe and non-pxe ip allocation
* Fixed PC time logger computername problem
* Fixed copy big file problem in cache

* Fixed router command
* Fixed uptime reset bug
* Bootable physical not change disk signature
* Removed ccbootclient service group
* Fixed a bug in Add Inf
* Support update ccbootclient on server (Main update)
* Modified recovery points method (Main update)
* Support add nic driver on server (Main update)
* Modified upload image method (Main update)
* Impoved disk read speed (Main update)
* Fixed nic identify problem

* Fixed a ccbootpnp install bug

* Updated nic drivers
* Fixed a compatible bug in ccbootpnp
* Client cache supports read/write cache
* Reset client hardware info when client start

* Improved detect volume open status in super mode
* Fixed a bug in ccachex - change complete routing from pending to sync.
* Fixed a bug in graphic chart
* Improved write cache
* Added file transfer command
* Added delete user in group
* Fixed a bug in performance dialog box
* Fixed a non-nic pci bug in ccbootpnpx
* Improved lock ui
* Fixed find new hardware problem in ccbootpnpx
* Fixed SL problem
* Added Korean language
* Fixed change display resolution bug
* Add network optimized
* Fixed bug in upload image
* Fixed REG_MULTI_SZ bug in CCBootPnPX and CCacheX
* Removed CCBootNIC
* Fixed bug in auto allocate writeback disk
* Merge CCBootNIC to CCBootPnP
* Fixed a server service start bug
* Re-write client code
* Re-write client-server command
* Display which process occupied the game disk
* Fixed a vhdx bug
* Fixed a GPT bug
* Added new CCBootPnP

* Fixed a cache bug

* Added totally new cache function
* Rebuild tightvnc
* Adjust the user list column
* Fixed a DHCP scan bug
* Added graphic curve of disk stats

* Display warning message at client when writeback over limitation
* Display warning message at client if the link speed is less 1000M
* Fixed disable client nic bug

* Display "no errors" if without fatal log
* Fixed a bug of display nic speed in xp
* Removed CCBootDll.dll
* Added firewall support
* Saved the main window size
* Added virtual disk serial number
* Added lock dialog box
* Auto unlock game disk after disable super client
* Fixed uptime
* Fixed the change drive letter

* Fixed a bug in DHCP/tftp for multiple nics.

* Fixed a bug in write back limitation
* Fixed a compatible problem with CybercafePro
* Updated language files

* Fixed a bug caused client cpu 100%

* Fixed a wmi CPU high problem.

* Added auto disable pagefile and system protection on game drives
* Fixed a bug in 4T game disk

* Updated language files
* Fixed a bug in import account
* Fixed a bug in hardware profile edit
* Added Win7Opt-Update and Memtest tool in tools
* Fixed a bug in install script for client
* Fixed a bug of vhdx image in uploading and writing

* Fixed a bug in dhcp/tftp UDP that will cause cpu high usage problem.

* Removed 5 recovery points warning.
* Fixed a bug in ccbootclient install service.
* Fixed a bug in cache setting warning.
* Fixed a bug in CCBootPnP when using nav nic.

* Modified CCBootClient install service.
* Added client uptime
* Added refresh client info

* Removed log and performance monitor for the sake of stable.
* Modified video information.
* Modified VNC remote.
* Removed CPU temperature.
* Fixed a bug in dhcp that come from 0930.
* Added more command line (CCBoot.exe /?).

* Fixed a bug in iscsi command
* Fixed a bug in log
* Support working with other dhcp service on the same server machine.
* Improve dhcp speed.

* Fixed a bug in create fixed size vhdx
* Supported Windows raid 4T

* Fixed a bug in WMI
* Fixed a bug in release BAT and bitmap
* Added imagex tools
* Fixed a bug in get linkspeed
* Fixed a bug in vnc
* Fixed a bug in UI no response when shutdown/remote control the client
* Added homepage hotlink in about dialog box
* Added gpxe list
* Added display resolution list
* Added using or not using ccboot dhcp

* Display log on the interface.
* Display disk performance in the interface.
* Added copy client info function.
* Modified the vnc remote control function.
* Fixed a WMI bug.
* Added some vhd tools into CCBoot installation folder.

* Modified dump file function
* Fixed logoff bug in XP
* Removed arp query, bootp only

* Added auto scan menu in default group
* Modified payload block size for 4T disk
* Fixed VHDX reload bug
* Updated language
* Added READ_16, WRITE_16, READ_CAPACITY_16 iscsi command
* Fixed bug in VHDX read/write
* Fixed bug in ChunckRadio
* Modified bitmap cache block size to OneBlockBitmapSize
* Modified client batch command to no wait mode
* Fixed bug in vhdx convert
* Deleted CurrentControlSet node when load image in CCBootPnP
* Modified pci instance node export and import in CCBootPnP
* Fixed bug in 4T disk. Now full support 4T disk and tested OK.

* Updated vnc to the latest version
* Updated language
* Checked the ram cache size is proper or not
* Fixed a link speed bug in xp
* Disabled run 32-bit CCBootClient on 64-bit system
* Added remote monitor function
* Added disable firewall, action center, Windows auto update and Windefend function
* Modified create child disk function
* Added support for opcode 0x9e of iscsi
* Added get original nic registry information in CCBootPnP (prepare for win8.1)
* Disabled run 32-bit CCBootPnP on 64-bit system

* Fixed a bug in install script
* Fixed a bug in client list width
* Fixed a out of resources bug in client
* Fixed a bug of Smartlaunch in client
* Changed Unallocated group to Non-PXE group
* Fixed a bug in Non-PXE group
* Changed client hardware report
* Fixed a bug of Runonce in client
* Fixed a bug of logoff in client
* Fixed a bug of stop service in client

* Added 4K align and 32K cluster checking function.
* Modified the drive letter change function.
* Modified the display resolution change function.
* Removed ccbootclient from userinit registry.
* Modified the smartlaunch computernumber.

* Added digital signature for install package
* Enable reboot/remote control on the group client right-click menu.
* Modified the unallocated group right-click menu.
* Fixed a bug in Wake on LAN if the server have multiple IPs.
* Fixed a bug in vnc remote control.
* Fixed a problem in overwrite the vnc program in using
* Fixed peace close for iscsi connections.
* Fixed a problem in CCBootNIC driver when the client searched a bridge-to-bridge.
* Fixed a read priority of inf file reading in CCBootPnP add inf function.
* Fixed a registry problem in add inf function.
* Modified the dialog box can be resized in CCBootPnP Add NIC.
* Forced dhcp scan when the first time of install CCBoot.
* The client can choose boot nic if the client PC has mutliple nics.

* Add RAM display in client list.
* Fix auto update function.
* Update languages.
* Fix a 4T bug about iscsi sector size in super client.
* Fix a auto scan bug.
* Rewrite client upload image function.
* Compatible with GPT image upload.
* Fix a bug in boot offset sector
* Fix a bug in vnc

* Add support for TRedFilterCafe/Handycafe filter (need update ccbootclient).
* Add video card, cpu, motherboard, cpu temperature display in client list.

* Add remote control client.
* Add reboot/power off/logoff client.
* Add client commands based on group or pcname.

* Improve auto reboot client funcion. Reboot client only when the write back disk free space less 10%.
* Fix a bug in install script.

* Fix a bug in 4T disk.
* Server and client all in one install package.

* Fix a bug in vhdx convert.
* Fix a bug in delete write back file.
* Don't copy nic drivers to system folder when install CCBootClient.
* Fix a bug in variant length.
* Fix a bug in GPT.
* Fix a bug in vhdx block size.
* MBR and GPT 4K align.
* Rewrite the client and server command protocol.

* Fix a bug in opening Volume.
* Fix a bug in connection between client and server.

* Fix a bug in indicator light.

* Fix a bug in shutdown slowly.
* Support vhdx virtual hard disk file.
* Support gpt.
* Add Tooltip.

* Solve a log problem about version warning.

* Solve a problem about installing CCBootClient.

* Fix a bug in linkspeed.
* Fix a bug in disk serial number.

* Fix a bug in wake on lan with win7.
* Fix a bug in dhcp.
* Fix a bug in tftp.
* HDD users will not be assigned user names.

* Add present link speed.
* Add client connect with server.
* Add client limit size.
* Add client auto restart.

* Add unallocated group.
* Suggest user to merge.

* Add digital signature.
* Add multiple languages and update language xml format.
* Add create child disk function.
* Fix a bug in open disk path.
* Fix a bug in delete write-back file.
* Update CCBootClient NIC driver.

* fix a bug in refresh cache: 001.vhd and 002.vhd use same cache
* alert if the recovery points over 30 when enable super client

* add proxydhcp options.
* fix a bug in lock volume: should close handle first when super client online.
* open vhd with readonly mode.
* add update language in menu.
* add "SuperClientReadCache" in ccboot.ini [Config].
* fix a bug in MBR: fill zero in MBR

* fix a bug come from 20142024: change diskgroup when client is online.
* add more info in log

* fix a bug in VirtualDiskInit
* fix a bug in VirtualDiskSetCache: cannot delete the cache pointer

* fix a bug in superclient with vmdk
* improve multiple langauge, add turkish, russian and thai.
* improve superclient in game disk, not close disk handle
* improve ccbootpnp for win8
* improve open write-back path

* fix a bug in superclient with game disk

For details about CCBoot previous News, please refer to CCBoot News Center of 2009-2013.