CCBoot - What's new

* Improve the read/write speed
* Fixed the client auto run bug
* Fixed add inf bug
* Fixed a VHD bug

* Change iscsi buffer size.
* Fixed create NIC package bug.
* Fixed nic vendor info.
* Fixed bug in CCBootPnP tools.
* Support adding machine to domain server by command line.
* Fixed gateway issue.Now, CCBoot client can be installed only on PC with static IP and when you will change gateway in client settings (from server side) after booting, client PC will have that gateway.
* Support display inf. This feature provides possibility to add to image from CCBootPnP also display inf, this feature is not fully ready and it will be improved in upcoming versions. * When image disk becomes full, the font will be red.
* If Image file does not exists, the font will be red.
* Auto refresh desktop icons on client side after booting.
* Detected MBR while creating image. If you try to install CCBoot client on GPT partition, CCBoot client will show the notification to stop installation.
* Display warning if used RAM exceeds 90% while setting RAM cache. Now if the total value of RAM cache for disk exceeds 90% of server RAM, CCBoot won't let the value to be saved.
* Support mount image and open hardware profile folder. On context menu for image has been added a point "Mount image (HW Profile)", so it means that after mount, the folder with Hardware profiles will be opened automatically.
* Disable super client mode if mount image. If image is mounted from CCBoot then you can't enable super client for any PC that use this image.
* Auto detach the system mounted vhd when super client mode is enabled. When you will enable super client or mount image from CCBoot in cases if image is mounted on system it will be detached.

* Update Win10 nic drivers
* Disk and image list is sortable.
* Client advanced opt support disable Windows 10 updates.
* Removed some usefulness functions.
* Fixed disk idle bug
* Rewrite open/close function of virtual disk
* Improve the delete write-back file function
* Improve create nic package
* Improve Intel i218/219 boot with ipxe.pxe

* Update nic drivers
* Improve nic pnp function
* Improve adult filter function
* Improve steam reconnect function

* Fixed a bug in "Hardware Profile" function
* Optimized application performance

* Added "Update from IDC" function when install NIC drivers
* Added "Convert Collected NIC" function in CCBootPNP
* Added "Memdisk for Temp File" function in Additional options at CCBoot Client
* Added "Enable Adult Filter" function for filtering porn sites
* Optimized Windows 10 upload function
* Optimized status bar info
* Optimized the hardware profile function
* Fixed a bug for remote function

* Added function to show client CPU/RAM usage status
* Added function to show super client info in status bar
* Added function to show NIC description in client list
* Added function to show writeback data size in client process dialog
* Added "Additional Options" function on CCBoot client

* Optimized "Sync Image" function
* Optimized "Remote Me" function

* Fixed a bug in handling vhd file

* Fixed a bug may causing activation failed
* Added function to check if image disk is full when you launch CCBoot UI
* Optimized "Local Writeback" function
* Optimized "Remote me" function
* Updated language files
* Optimized application performance

* Added function to show server LAN speed info in status bar
* Added function to highlight "Link speed" for client if client LAN is 100M

* Fixed a bug of "Boot Menu Timeout" function
* Added function to support change list height for user list
* Added "Call Support" function
* Added "Video Tutorial" option in Help menu
* Added function to search clients in client manager list
* Expire time is now shown in about dialog box
* Optimized upload image function
* Optimized hardware profile function

* Updated NIC driver to latest
* Added "iCafeMenu" button on CCBoot
* Added "iCafeMenu" in CCBoot installation package

* Added "Optimize Server NIC" menu item in tools menu
* Added "Change Log" menu item in the help menu
* Language files updated
* NIC driver for Intel & Realtek are updated
* Application performance optimized

* Optimized application performance
* Changed "Write to local HDD" to "Local Writeback"
* Japanese language updated
* Added function to filter symbols in the PC name
* Deprecated few command from old version not available in new one
* Optimized license management function

* Added hardware profile column in client list
* Added function to revert changes to services for client
* Updated NIC driver to latest
* Added wiki page display in browser during first time setup
* Optimized application performance

* Optimized windows 10 upload
* Fixed a bug of CPU/GPU in windows 10
* Added USB write protect function for client

* Added "Backup Settings" and "Restore Settings" function
* Added "Synchronize" function for image and client manager
* Added function to show client's active process and full process list
* Fixed a bug in "Write to local hdd" function
* Optimized "Remote me" function
* Turkic language updated

* Optimized application performance
* Allow minimize "Remote me" function

* Optimized PNP NIC driver list display
* Optimized "Disable Super Client" function
* Optimized client cache function
* Optimized application performance
* New improved "Remote me" function
* Fixed a bug in "Add User" function
* Fixed drive letter assignment for multiple game disk
* Auto assign first image to new clients
* Auto assign new image to clients without image assigned
* Added function to assign game disk to client group
* Added temperature symbol in CPU/GPU temperature

* Killer & Realtek NIC drivers updated
* Added warning about VMware Tools
* Optimized application performance
* Optimized enable super client function
* Optimized chart display
* Added CPU & RAM usage stats in status bar
* Optimized CCBoot DHCP settings
* Disable email authentication
* Added new license register
* Fixed double LAN at client causing no internet issue
* Added CPU/GPU stats for client PC

* Optimized application performance
* Fixed image upload bug

* Added "Keep Writeback" function
* Added "Save to image" function
* Fixed Remote Control function conflict some billing application
* Fixed clients lag in WOW game
* Fixed a bug in client's system restore function

* Fixed a bug in setting DNS in clients
* Fixed a bug in hide/show individual columns
* Fixed a bug that reset cache when CCBoot UI is opened
* Optimized client cache function
* Optimized application performance

* Improved updating CCBoot client from server
* Improved system optimization for clients
* Improved NIC optimization
* Improved write to local HDD function
* Improved change resolution of monitors in dual monitor setup
* Fixed a bug in file commands
* Fixed a bug in create bootable USB function
* Fixed a bug in DHCP and TFTP causing client not able to boot
* Optimized application performance

* Fixed IP info
* Fixed a bug in cache settings
* Fixed some gateway problem
* Fixed a bug in Email Authentication
* Fixed SSD cache bug
* Fixed a client optimization bug when CCBoot client is installed
* Fixed a bug in changing display settings
* Added client writeback to local HDD function
* Added individual column hide/show function
* Improved set display function
* Optimized interface display
* Optimized multiple hardware profile function
* Optimized support for z170 motherboards

* Added support to enable super client for different image/game disk
* Added function to "Rename in Booting" for individual client
* Optimized "multiple hardware profile" function
* Optimized "Default Client Template" function
* Optimized "Enable/Disable super client" function in CCBoot client
* Optimized CCBootPnPX
* Optimized application performance
* Improved license verification
* Updated CCBootPNP NIC drivers
* Fixed VLAN DHCP bug
* Fixed a bug in TFTP
* Fixed a bug in add NIC
* Fixed DHCP times
* Fixed display resolution bug
* Fixed SSD cache bug
* Fixed image upload bug
* Fixed recovery point management bug
* Fixed IP assignment bug

* Optimized "Email Verification" function
* Optimized CCBootPnPX
* Optimized menu status
* Optimized "Install Client" function
* Optimized "DHCP Users" function
* Optimized "Auto Allocate Boot Server" function
* Optimized application performance
* Add support move DHCP users to default group users and move other group users to DHCP users
* Add support for hardware profile
* Fixed a change drive letter bug
* Fixed a bug in "Update CCBootClient" function

* Added "View->View DHCP Users" to view the DHCP users
* Added support for ESD files in "Create VHD USB" function
* Added Support z170 motherboard for Windows 7
* Optimized "Mount/UnMount" function
* Optimized "Image Add" function
* Optimized Email verification
* Fixed IP assignment to DHCP users function
* Fixed "Auto allocate boot server" function
* Fixed UI freezing issue
* Fixed "Auto Reboot" function not working correctly
* Fixed game disk locking bug
* Fixed 100% CPU usage for CCBoot
* Fixed client/image/disk list showing issue
* Fixed JS error messages pop up

* Fixed a bug in server/client stats
* Fixed a bug in active domain

* Added "Admin Password" field to manage CCBoot password
* Must set "Admin Password" in Options to use "Upload Image" and "Enable/Disable SuperClient" function from client computer
* Added Client Information on the "Client Details" dialog box
* Added initial support for ISO file booting (currently supports winpe based ISO)
* Fixed a bug of CCboot Client Application when Domain user was logged in
* Fixed a bug in Chart info displaying improperly
* Removed Non-PXE Group
* Disabled previous volume label change after changing "Disk Type" in "Disk Manager"
* Optimized Email verification
* Optimized Active Directory (AD) support function
* Optimized "Bug Report" function
* Optimized Log content
* Optimized application performance
* Disabled auto CCBoot UI lock on close(to lock UI click File-> Lock UI)

* Added "Mount/UnMount" function for images
* Solved the tool tips not showing properly in Windows 10
* Added Disk "Cluster" size column from Performance in Manager
* Disable General/DHCP Wizard during CCBoot launch
* Optimized the disk list
* Optimized the application performance

* Optimized the disk list
* Optimized some system menu function
* Optimized the image adding function
* Optimized the options dialog box
* Optimized the lock dialog box

* Added "Disk" function
* Added new tool bar for easier control
* Added Boot timeout function for Dual image
* Added support to set 120Hz screen refresh rate for client
* Many more changes have been made
* New license registration system (email & password authentication instead of the license only authentication)
* Modified the way to "Disk cache" settings work
* Integrated Dual boot image function
* Optimized the client properties dialog box
* Deleted "Disk Group" function and added instead of "Image" function
* Removed Server - Client Disk mapping
* Removed Keep Writeback function
* Improved superclient function
* Improved windows 10 upload function
* Removed image upload path
* Removed writeback path

* Optimized the application performance

* Fixed a bug of lock dialog box
* Support "-Sleep" command line
* Optimized the application performance

* Fixed a bug in ccachex
* Optimized "Active" function
* Fixed a bug in 32-bit operating system

* Optimized "Remote Assistance" function
* Add "Keep Password" function in lock dialog box
* Optimized "Recovery Points" function
* Optimized "Upload Image" function
* Optimized CCBootPnP
* Add "Login With Domain" function in CCBoot
* Add "Add Domain User" and "Reset Domain User" function in CCBootClient

* Optimized CCBootPnP
* Fix a bug in change computer name
* Add "Remote Assistance" function

* Optimized "Personal Disk" function
* Add "Enable/Disable super client" function in CCBootClient
* Optimized "Private" function
* Optimized "Auto Installation" function in CCBootClient
* Add "Active" function in CCBoot

* Optimized "Enable Super Client" function
* Compatible with SL4.5
* Fixed a bug in read/write volume

* Optimized DHCP
* Optimized CCBootClient

* Add "Create VHD USB" function
* Optimized "magic shutdown" command

* Rebuild tightvnc
* Fixed Win8/Win10 NV PnP
* Optimized the setting of UAC
* Optimized the "Third party DHCP"
* Fixed a bug in create new client
* Fixed a bug of ccbootclient when the boot server is empty
* Support "merge to last"
* Optimized the google and the adobe
* Optimized the import/export funcion

* Fixed a bug of steam VAC conflict.
* Fixed a bug in automatically assigned the write back path.
* Fixed a bug in upload image.
* Fixed a bug of super client.
* Support "magic shutdown" command.
* Fixed a PnP bug.

* Refused to set the image file path to the game disk.
* The server interface will not show the "vnc mirror monitor".
* Modified the name of the write back file.
* Automatically assigned the write back path.
* Add digital signatures to the PnpDriver.
* Fixed a bug of initialize VMDK.
* Allow to merge all restore points.

* Auto close the process on the game disk when enable super client.
* Fixed a PnP bug in upload image.
* Fixed a bug in boot server allocation.
* Added some commands
* Updated language
* Auto reboot the machine that write the largest write back data.
* Fixed a bug of shutdown Win8
* Fixed a bug in DHCP
* Optimized the writeback problem of Win7

* Fixed iscsi command reject
* Fixed try lock volume

* Fixed reg_sz bug
* Updated Turkey language
* Support 64T disk

* Fixed physical disk update with super client problem
* Support pause commandline

* Fixed a change drive letter bug
* Added image disk free space check
* Clean system event log before upload image
* Fixed a cache compatible problem
* Fixed compatible problem with Pan webfilter
* Fixed pclogbook problem

* Fixed bug in format disk
* Fixed bcdboot problem
* Fixed junction and hard link in upload image
* Fixed recovery points bug
* Fixed network identify problem
* Support Memtest, grahpics boot, multiple boot
* Improved pxe and non-pxe ip allocation
* Fixed PC time logger computername problem
* Fixed copy big file problem in cache

* Fixed router command
* Fixed uptime reset bug
* Bootable physical not change disk signature
* Removed ccbootclient service group
* Fixed a bug in Add Inf
* Support update ccbootclient on server (Main update)
* Modified recovery points method (Main update)
* Support add nic driver on server (Main update)
* Modified upload image method (Main update)
* Impoved disk read speed (Main update)
* Fixed nic identify problem

* Fixed a ccbootpnp install bug

* Updated nic drivers
* Fixed a compatible bug in ccbootpnp
* Client cache supports read/write cache
* Reset client hardware info when client start

* Improved detect volume open status in super mode
* Fixed a bug in ccachex - change complete routing from pending to sync.
* Fixed a bug in graphic chart
* Improved write cache
* Added file transfer command
* Added delete user in group
* Fixed a bug in performance dialog box
* Fixed a non-nic pci bug in ccbootpnpx
* Improved lock ui
* Fixed find new hardware problem in ccbootpnpx
* Fixed SL problem
* Added Korean language
* Fixed change display resolution bug
* Add network optimized
* Fixed bug in upload image
* Fixed REG_MULTI_SZ bug in CCBootPnPX and CCacheX
* Removed CCBootNIC
* Fixed bug in auto allocate writeback disk
* Merge CCBootNIC to CCBootPnP
* Fixed a server service start bug
* Re-write client code
* Re-write client-server command
* Display which process occupied the game disk
* Fixed a vhdx bug
* Fixed a GPT bug
* Added new CCBootPnP

* Fixed a cache bug

* Added totally new cache function
* Rebuild tightvnc
* Adjust the user list column
* Fixed a DHCP scan bug
* Added graphic curve of disk stats

* Display warning message at client when writeback over limitation
* Display warning message at client if the link speed is less 1000M
* Fixed disable client nic bug

* Display "no errors" if without fatal log
* Fixed a bug of display nic speed in xp
* Removed CCBootDll.dll
* Added firewall support
* Saved the main window size
* Added virtual disk serial number
* Added lock dialog box
* Auto unlock game disk after disable super client
* Fixed uptime
* Fixed the change drive letter

* Fixed a bug in DHCP/tftp for multiple nics.

* Fixed a bug in write back limitation
* Fixed a compatible problem with CybercafePro
* Updated language files

* Fixed a bug caused client cpu 100%

* Fixed a wmi CPU high problem.

* Added auto disable pagefile and system protection on game drives
* Fixed a bug in 4T game disk

* Updated language files
* Fixed a bug in import account
* Fixed a bug in hardware profile edit
* Added Win7Opt-Update and Memtest tool in tools
* Fixed a bug in install script for client
* Fixed a bug of vhdx image in uploading and writing

* Fixed a bug in dhcp/tftp UDP that will cause cpu high usage problem.

* Removed 5 recovery points warning.
* Fixed a bug in ccbootclient install service.
* Fixed a bug in cache setting warning.
* Fixed a bug in CCBootPnP when using nav nic.

* Modified CCBootClient install service.
* Added client uptime
* Added refresh client info

* Removed log and performance monitor for the sake of stable.
* Modified video information.
* Modified VNC remote.
* Removed CPU temperature.
* Fixed a bug in dhcp that come from 0930.
* Added more command line (CCBoot.exe /?).

* Fixed a bug in iscsi command
* Fixed a bug in log
* Support working with other dhcp service on the same server machine.
* Improve dhcp speed.

* Fixed a bug in create fixed size vhdx
* Supported Windows raid 4T

* Fixed a bug in WMI
* Fixed a bug in release BAT and bitmap
* Added imagex tools
* Fixed a bug in get linkspeed
* Fixed a bug in vnc
* Fixed a bug in UI no response when shutdown/remote control the client
* Added homepage hotlink in about dialog box
* Added gpxe list
* Added display resolution list
* Added using or not using ccboot dhcp

* Display log on the interface.
* Display disk performance in the interface.
* Added copy client info function.
* Modified the vnc remote control function.
* Fixed a WMI bug.
* Added some vhd tools into CCBoot installation folder.

* Modified dump file function
* Fixed logoff bug in XP
* Removed arp query, bootp only

* Added auto scan menu in default group
* Modified payload block size for 4T disk
* Fixed VHDX reload bug
* Updated language
* Added READ_16, WRITE_16, READ_CAPACITY_16 iscsi command
* Fixed bug in VHDX read/write
* Fixed bug in ChunckRadio
* Modified bitmap cache block size to OneBlockBitmapSize
* Modified client batch command to no wait mode
* Fixed bug in vhdx convert
* Deleted CurrentControlSet node when load image in CCBootPnP
* Modified pci instance node export and import in CCBootPnP
* Fixed bug in 4T disk. Now full support 4T disk and tested OK.

* Updated vnc to the latest version
* Updated language
* Checked the ram cache size is proper or not
* Fixed a link speed bug in xp
* Disabled run 32-bit CCBootClient on 64-bit system
* Added remote monitor function
* Added disable firewall, action center, Windows auto update and Windefend function
* Modified create child disk function
* Added support for opcode 0x9e of iscsi
* Added get original nic registry information in CCBootPnP (prepare for win8.1)
* Disabled run 32-bit CCBootPnP on 64-bit system

* Fixed a bug in install script
* Fixed a bug in client list width
* Fixed a out of resources bug in client
* Fixed a bug of Smartlaunch in client
* Changed Unallocated group to Non-PXE group
* Fixed a bug in Non-PXE group
* Changed client hardware report
* Fixed a bug of Runonce in client
* Fixed a bug of logoff in client
* Fixed a bug of stop service in client

* Added 4K align and 32K cluster checking function.
* Modified the drive letter change function.
* Modified the display resolution change function.
* Removed ccbootclient from userinit registry.
* Modified the smartlaunch computernumber.

* Added digital signature for install package
* Enable reboot/remote control on the group client right-click menu.
* Modified the unallocated group right-click menu.
* Fixed a bug in Wake on LAN if the server have multiple IPs.
* Fixed a bug in vnc remote control.
* Fixed a problem in overwrite the vnc program in using
* Fixed peace close for iscsi connections.
* Fixed a problem in CCBootNIC driver when the client searched a bridge-to-bridge.
* Fixed a read priority of inf file reading in CCBootPnP add inf function.
* Fixed a registry problem in add inf function.
* Modified the dialog box can be resized in CCBootPnP Add NIC.
* Forced dhcp scan when the first time of install CCBoot.
* The client can choose boot nic if the client PC has mutliple nics.

* Add RAM display in client list.
* Fix auto update function.
* Update languages.
* Fix a 4T bug about iscsi sector size in super client.
* Fix a auto scan bug.
* Rewrite client upload image function.
* Compatible with GPT image upload.
* Fix a bug in boot offset sector
* Fix a bug in vnc

* Add support for TRedFilterCafe/Handycafe filter (need update ccbootclient).
* Add video card, cpu, motherboard, cpu temperature display in client list.

* Add remote control client.
* Add reboot/power off/logoff client.
* Add client commands based on group or pcname.

* Improve auto reboot client funcion. Reboot client only when the write back disk free space less 10%.
* Fix a bug in install script.

* Fix a bug in 4T disk.
* Server and client all in one install package.

* Fix a bug in vhdx convert.
* Fix a bug in delete write back file.
* Don't copy nic drivers to system folder when install CCBootClient.
* Fix a bug in variant length.
* Fix a bug in GPT.
* Fix a bug in vhdx block size.
* MBR and GPT 4K align.
* Rewrite the client and server command protocol.

* Fix a bug in opening Volume.
* Fix a bug in connection between client and server.

* Fix a bug in indicator light.

* Fix a bug in shutdown slowly.
* Support vhdx virtual hard disk file.
* Support gpt.
* Add Tooltip.

* Solve a log problem about version warning.

* Solve a problem about installing CCBootClient.

* Fix a bug in linkspeed.
* Fix a bug in disk serial number.

* Fix a bug in wake on lan with win7.
* Fix a bug in dhcp.
* Fix a bug in tftp.
* HDD users will not be assigned user names.

* Add present link speed.
* Add client connect with server.
* Add client limit size.
* Add client auto restart.

* Add unallocated group.
* Suggest user to merge.

* Add digital signature.
* Add multiple languages and update language xml format.
* Add create child disk function.
* Fix a bug in open disk path.
* Fix a bug in delete write-back file.
* Update CCBootClient NIC driver.

* fix a bug in refresh cache: 001.vhd and 002.vhd use same cache
* alert if the recovery points over 30 when enable super client

* add proxydhcp options.
* fix a bug in lock volume: should close handle first when super client online.
* open vhd with readonly mode.
* add update language in menu.
* add "SuperClientReadCache" in ccboot.ini [Config].
* fix a bug in MBR: fill zero in MBR

* fix a bug come from 20142024: change diskgroup when client is online.
* add more info in log

* fix a bug in VirtualDiskInit
* fix a bug in VirtualDiskSetCache: cannot delete the cache pointer

* fix a bug in superclient with vmdk
* improve multiple langauge, add turkish, russian and thai.
* improve superclient in game disk, not close disk handle
* improve ccbootpnp for win8
* improve open write-back path

* fix a bug in superclient with game disk

For details about CCBoot previous News, please refer to CCBoot News Center of 2009-2013.