Benefits of becoming an Authorized CCBoot Reseller


To become a CCBoot reseller, you will need to have knowledge of the CCBoot software and can help your customers install the system. Resellers are required to follow up on any lead from CCBoot.

CCBoot Reseller Policy Items

1. All new customers have to purchase CCBoot directly from

2. Each reseller should do tech support for his customers. If there are complains from customers, the reseller should try their best to deal with them in time, otherwise, we may consider to cancel the reseller certificate and commission.

3. Our reseller plan mainly includes following two modes:

A. Commission mode

1) We will create a unique 10% discount coupon code for each reseller. The reseller can give this coupon code to the new customers, so they can use it to purchase from us and get 10% discount. Besides, we will use this coupon code to distinguish the customers come from which reseller.

2) Each reseller will receive xx% commission as long as customers purchased.

3) We will transfer commission to reseller's PayPal account at the end of each month.

B. Discount mode

1) The reseller substitute for their customers to purchase with discount.

2) At the beginning, we’ll offer reseller xx% discount.

3) Sell more, the more discounts we’ll give.

How to Become a Reseller

If you are interested in becoming our reseller and match the above items, please send us the reseller application form.

After we review your information, we will create a reseller coupon code to you if we accept your reseller application.

How to put directly purchase link on your site

1) You get purchase links from our purchase page. There are two purchase links - PayPal and Credit card.
2) You add "&coupon=YOUR_COUPON_CODE" to PayPal link and add "&COUPON1=YOUR_COUPON_CODE" to the Credit card link.
3) You can test the new purchase links and see if the coupon code is valid. If it works, you can put the purchase links on your website.

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