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Problems with Cracked CCBoot License

2018/10/24 16:53

CCBoot has anti-piracy function which is triggered occasionally, no matter how you modify the host file or overwrite by the cracked file, it can be detected. If you are using the cracked CCBoot license, there will be some problems as follows.

Problem 1:

After a certain period of time, the cracked CCBoot will become unregistered and the license will be removed.

Problem 2:

After running CCBoot about one week, the client PCs will get blue screen randomly.


Please contact us or resellers to purchase a genuine license. We will provide a reasonable price for you.


If you used cracked CCBoot version before, and now, purchase and use CCBoot genuine license and version, then, you need to do the following steps.

1. Download CCBoot server and client setup files from, install and setup CCBoot again.

2. Make sure that the server is connecting the Internet.

3. If you have blocked CCBoot site on /system32/drivers/etc/host before, please delete it rather than just comment it.

Problem 3

If you have blocked CCBoot site on /system32/drivers/etc/host before then you will get "License cracked" error on your fatal log and the  license gets unregistered often.


Restore the "hosts" file in the C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc folder

To restore it to default remove all lines that have and save it (Figure 1).

Figure 1

Once you a have done that, you just need to enter the license in the register code box and click "Register".


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