What's CCBoot ?

CCBoot is a diskless boot system which will restore a clean system after each reboot, keeping your computer clear of viruses and trojans. Update all your PC's with a single click. CCBoot saves you disk space in a very easy and convenient way.

Internet Cafe Solution

Diskless + iCafe Menu
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Education Solution

Diskless + LAN Admin
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Enterprise Solution

Diskless + Windows Domain
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CCBoot Main Features

Hard Disk Expenses Saved
No need for hard disk on client PCs, so a large amount of money for hard disks has been saved.
Viruses and Trojans Gone
After reboot the client, the system will be restored to a clean state without any viruses and trojans.
Easy to Update
Network admin updates on one client PC, and then all the PCs on the LAN will be updated.
Human Resources Saved
One person operates on the server, and then all the work will be done after reboot the clients.
Efficient Cache Equipped
Equipped with good cache performance, physical memory and SSD cache are supported.
Windows Domain
Perfectly works with Windows domain. One can login with domain account, then load and store personal data on the personal disk.
Third Party DHCP
CCBoot is compatible with third party DHCP and TFTP, which makes the management become more convenient.
Failover with Super Path
Super Path can realize two servers working at the same time. If one server has stoppage, the other one will take place of it without affecting and restarting clients.
One Image for All Specs
The PnP function of CCBoot makes it possible to create a single image for all client PCs with various specifications.
VLAN and Multiple LANs
CCBoot can be used on dual NICs and dual LANs, dual LANs segment, and even VLAN.
Personal Disk
CCBoot personal disk is used to store client data that never lost even when reboot the client, which is widely used in the enterprise.
Restore Point
Restore point, including create recovery, merge to last and restore to last, helps to fix mistakes and keep the image performance.
Multiple OS Boot
Multi OS Boot can realize selecting more than one operating system to start from the same client.
Load Balance
CCBoot supports single server with multi NICs load balance, and multiple servers load balance.
Graphic Boot
CCBoot supports customizing the boot graphic. You can set the graphic boot menu as you like.
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CCBoot supports boot Windows XP/7/8/2008 both x86 and x64


Green and Smart Boot Solution

CCBoot allows a diskless boot of either Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 2008 from an iSCSI target machine remotely located over a standard IP network. It's also known as network boot or lan boot. Diskless boot makes it possible for computers to be operated without a local disk. The diskless computer is connected to a hard drive over a network and boots up an operating system from a remotely located machine. CCBoot is the convergence of the rapidly emerging iSCSI protocol with PXE diskless boot technology. Thus it's also called PXE boot.

CCBoot offers a seamless diskless boot on LAN. Eliminating the need for a local hard drive opens a wide range of possibilities for network management. Using this configuration, the disks for many network computers can be centrally managed, thereby facilitating backup, redundancy, and dynamic allocation of valuable storage resources while at the same time reducing cost to the enterprise.

Booting from iSCSI makes system administration considerably easier. Freeing a server of its boot volume allows administrators to manage investments in their iSCSI SANs, attaining improved data security, integrity and recovery, higher availability, quicker server deployment & repurposing, and more efficient utilization of storage resources.

CCBoot supports uploading boot image to the PXE boot server and save with VMDK or VHD format. You can update the image as you wish and this operation is recoverable which makes you easily return to a clear OS or any previous OS status. The server cache, client cache and SSD cache provide you a very good performance, even better than computers with hard disk. The PnP function of CCBoot allows all client computers with different specifications use only one boot image which will reduce the workload for network administrators. CCBoot is also a thin client software solution which can be used for Internet cafes, computer labs, hotels, testing organizations, computer rooms in schools, and even offices.

Success Cases

30,000 users have chosen CCBoot

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Use ISCSI Boot Software - CCBoot to ISCSI Boot Windows XP/7/Vista/2003/2008 on LAN!