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When you run steam games for the first time, Steam will install runtimes and it may take 3-10 minutes depending on the game.

  1. Enable super client for image.

  1. Run 3 - 5 games once on the client side and wait until the complete installation of DirectX, Microsoft Visual C++  and etc.

  1. Turn off the PC and save changes to the image.

Note : If you want to add any DLC to the game, please add it on server side or enable super client for game disk and install the DLC.

Auto User Data Creation

CCBoot now has an automatic user data creation feature that saves data to the link folder at icafecloudshare\users\steamdata. When a user logs in and plays a game, their data will be automatically created in this folder.

Note that CCBoot will only delete the ugc and ugcmsgcache folders, and this process is set to occur every 24 hours. If you want to disable this option, edit the "clean-file.bat" file by deleting the script, and then save the changes. To prevent accidental changes, it's important to change the file to "read-only".

This will not affect the game settings, as they are saved in a different folder.