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Solution for Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD)

Server BSOD Solutions

  1.  100% RAM usage on server

If you have used the server for a long time and have many applications installed on it as well as some antivirus, then it can cause the server to use 100% of the RAM causing the server to hang and reboot.

To fix this, remove unwanted applications and leave 2-3 GB RAM free in the server.

  1.  Faulty server RAM

CCBoot relies heavily on RAM of server so if you have a faulty RAM then server can end up crashing and

To fix this, Check the RAM using memtest and see if it gives any error, if it does show error then replace the RAM module.

  1.  Server OS

If you have downloaded the OS image from untrusted sources then it may have hidden malware or virus causing harm to your files.

So, if this happens, reinstall Server OS from trusted sources. we recommend using Server 2008/R2 or server 2012/R2 for server use

Client BSOD solutions

Stoppage Information (Figure 1)

"***STOP:0x000000C2 (0x00000007,00000CD4,0x2FC0031,0x816D7828)


Stoppage Information

Figure 1

The errors are divided into three parts:

  1.  Halt code (Sign [1]), we call it "blue screen code", which is used for distinguishing existing error types.
  2.  The second part (Sign [2]) is the 4 number groups included within the brackets, which is the data defined by development staff.
  3.  The third part (Sign [3]) is the name of error, the specific file name of the driver program will be shown in some conditions.

We usually use blue screen code and name of error as search terms in Google to find the relevant solutions.

***Stop 0x000000EA


A device driver is spinning in an infinite loop, most likely waiting for hardware to become idle.

This usually indicates a problem with the hardware itself, or with the device driver programming the hardware incorrectly. Frequently, this is the result of a bad video card or a bad display driver. (Figure 2)

Bsod 0x000000EA

Figure 2


  1. Download the Super Image from our forum site, You can choose your preferred OS.

  1.    Apply the method CCBoot Hardware Profile this could solve the problem about BSOD 0x000000EA

Blue Screen When Booting

0X000007B blue screen code

Blue screen occurs when booting, and can't get into the system. Check the blue screen code and it is mostly as 0X000007B, which is due to network card driver error or stoppage of network card itself.


  1.  Change network card driver, and download proper driver to replace original driver on official website of network card.
  2.  Extract network card, clean the golden finger of the network card, then insert it into a slot on the mainboard or change slop. If it is the board load network card, it has to change the mainboard or add an individual network card.

Not 0X000007B blue screen code

If it is not 0X000007B blue screen code, then there will be various reasons, such as installation of antivirus software, simplified system, wrong operations for uploading image, etc.


  1.  Download the completed version system or use the installation version, and reinstall the system and make a good patch, as well as unload software for no use.
  2.  When uploading an image, it needs a stable network. If the network is not stable, it will cause problems for uploading images, and as a result, it will lead to a blue screen.

0X000000A5 Blue Screen Code


This may be because AHCI was disabled in the BIOS. Please enable AHCI in the Server BIOS.

0X0000004E Blue Screen Code


Normally, this is because of the graphics card driver problem. Please try the latest graphics card driver. If this problem exists on the same brand graphics card, it is the VGA driver problem. If not, it may be the memory-chip problem, please take the memory-chip out and clean it.

Blue Screen for NV Graphics Card

Most blue screens for NV graphics card code are 0x000000B4 (can't start graphics card driver)and 0x000000EA (damage of graphics card or driver program error).

Solutions: change driver, suggest to use NV graphics card driver provided on CCBoot official website, and remove speeding up of flash hardware.

Method for Removing Flash Hardware Speeding

  1.  After opening a website video, right-click the video image, then click and choose "Settings".
  2.  In the popup dialog box of "Adobe Flash Player Settings ", deselect the selection of "Enable hardware acceleration" check box (Figure 3).

Enable Hardware Acceleration

Figure 3

Multiple Specs in Single Image Blue Screen

When booting the client by multiple specs in a single image, if the driver is not correct, then it will lead to boot of the blue screen.


Change driver.

Blue Screen in Playing Games

When large -scale games run then  bluescreen occurs on the client..

Firstly, confirm that it can play large-scale games for hardware, and if it is correct for settings. If all these are without problems, then the causes for blue screen will be errors of network card drivers, problems of RAM, or high temperature for computer cases.


Change network card driver, RAM, CPU fan, suggest using Kingston RAM due to its high stability.

Blue Screen at Random

  1.  If there is no any sign or blue screen during playing games, and the code keeps changing


Contact problem for RAM, not stable for output of power supply voltage, or bad heat dissipation condition for CPU fan.


Reinsert RAM, change power supply, CPU fan.

  1.  If it is the fixation of 0x0000008E blue screen code.


Reduce size of page file, refresh cache.

Blue Screen for 8111E NIC

Sometimes you may encounter blue screens while using 8111E NIC.

Please follow the instructions below.

  1.  On CCBoot Cloud CP “Computers” tab, right click the client and choose “Edit pc” (Figure 5).

Figure 5

  1.  In the pop-up modal, click the "PXE" drop-down and then choose "ipxe.pxe". Then click the "Save" button to save the settings (Figure 6).

Figure 6

Blue Screen for Client Cache Was Set Too Large

If the client cache was set too large, it may cause a blue screen too. We recommend setting it as 512M or 1024M.

Figure 6

Paging File Settings Problem

The paging file size should be set as system managed size. If the paging file size wasn't big enough, it may cause a blue screen too.

  1.  Right click "Computer", and select "Properties".
  2.  In the pop up "Control Panel Home" window, click the "Advanced system settings" (Figure 7).

Advanced System Settings

Figure 7

  1.  In the pop up "System Properties" dialog box, click the "Advanced" tab, and then click the "Settings" button (Figure 8).

System Properties

Figure 8

  1.  In the pop up "Performance Options" dialog box, click the "Advanced" tab, and then click the "Change..." button (Figure 9).

Performance Options

Figure 9

  1.  In the pop up "Virtual Memory" dialog box, uncheck the "Automatically manage paging file size for all drives" check box. Select Drive C, and then click the "System managed size" radio button, and click the "Set" button. Finally, click the "OK" button (Figure 10).

Set Paging File

Figure 10

Blue Screen after Copying Big File

If a blue screen happened after copying a big file, it may be because of the client NIC driver problem, please download the latest NIC driver from

NIC Driver issues

Some NIC drivers are not compatible and if you tried and installed it while creating the image then the client PC will have BSOD as the NIC will not properly function.

When that happens, the Blue screen will show the driver file that caused it.

To fix it, mount the image and then delete the corresponding driver and then save it. The clients will boot without and BSOD

Writeback disk bad sectors

If clients are randomly restarting with bluescreen and stop restarting after deleting all writeback files or formatting the writeback disk.

Then, you need to check the disk health, it may have many bad sectors. When the writeback file of the client is written to the disk and encounters a bad sector, it won't be able to write it on that sector which will cause client lag as well as blue screen and restart.

To fix this, you need to replace the writeback with a new one, possibly an SSD if you are using HDD currently.