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Resolve FACEIT anti-cheat issue

Important: FaceIt AC requires SecureBoot enabled in Windows 11. Currently diskless boot with SecureBoot enabled is not supported. Thus, use Windows 10 instead of Windows 11 if you want to run the Faceit AC.

On the latest version, FACEIT fixed the bug that caused the blue screen. If you are still facing blue screen after its installation, please follow the steps below:        

  1. Enable super client for image only.
  2. Uninstall FACEIT AC if it is installed.
  3. Download the latest FACEIT installer.
  4. Install FACEIT AC and FACEIT client application.
  5. Uncheck "Run FACEIT AC" after the installation.
  6. Turn off the PC and save changes on the image.
  7. Enabled super client again and ran FACEIT AC.
  8. Wait for anti-cheat to update and when FACEIT asks to reboot the PC,  just turn it off  instead of rebooting.
  9. Saved changes on the image.
  10. Turn on the PC and check if it is booting properly.

Note: You must install the following security update for Windows 10

Required update :

CVE-2020-0601 | Windows CryptoAPI Spoofing Vulnerability