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Load slow when internet is disconnected

If the client/server doesn't detect there is Internet connection (like the internet gets disconnected), some games like NBA 2k12/2k13, battlefield 2, team fortress loads very slow which usually takes 1-2 min loading will now take 5-15 minutes depending on games. You need to enable iSCSI service in Windows 7. Please refer to the following steps.

1. Please boot the client with a super client.

2. type "iscsi" in the Windows "Start" menu, choose "iSCSI Initiator" and click it (Figure 1).

Find iSCSI Service

Figure 1

3. Click the "Yes" button (Figure 2).

Enable iSCSI Service

Figure 2

4. Shutdown the client PC and disable Super Client.

Now, the client will load that game fast even without the Internet.