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Install Apex Legends on CCBoot server.

Recommendation: You can download and play Apex Legends without any issue from iCafeCloud because all the issues are already fixed. Download iCafeCloud from the Official website of iCafeCloud.

Follow the following steps to install Apex Legends on the server.

1.   Download and install “Origin”.

2.   Sign in to your origin account.

3.        Find Apex Legends, Add to library and Go to Library (Figure 1).


Figure 1

4.        Click on the Apex Legend poster and click on the “Download” Button (Figure 2).


 Figure 2

5.        Once you click on the “Download” button, change the installation location to the desired path and click on the “Next” button (Figure 3).


Figure 3

6.        Once you click on the “Next” button it will automatically download and install the game into your PC.

7.        Once download is completed, download the apex registry file from (Figure 4).


Figure 4

Note: change the windows version and path before you download.



8.        Once you download the registry file, copy the downloaded registry file to the Apex Legend is installed (Figure 5).


Figure 5



9.        Once the registry file is copied to the installation location of Apex, boot the client in super client mode and run the registry file, click “Yes” to merge the registry (Figure 6).


Figure 6

10.  Click on the “Ok” button to merge the registry to Windows (Figure 7).


Figure 7

11.  Now, save the image and then check Origin, Apex will show “Play” instead of “Download” (Figure 8).


Figure 8


Update can be done on both server or client but when update is done on server, users need to verify once on client in super client mode.