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How it works

  • CCBootCloud miner is mining ETH and gets rewarded in BTC because the market goes up and down all the time.
  • Our system will auto sell BTC to USDT once they have been mined more than 0.0005BTC (USDT is a stable crypto with a value price of 1$).

  • Payout Rules:
    Payout will be once a month if the amount is 100$ or more and will skip to the next payout till it reaches 100$. (This can happen in case you have very small hashrate power or you are not mining most of the hours of the day).
    This rule is about Binance wallets “we suggest to create a wallet in Binance”, other wallets may have additional transfer fees that we will not cover and can be update for the fee at the payout day only,transfer fees change everyday.

  • We will send “USDT” to your wallet on the 10th day of every month. For example : if you have 5000$ actual balance in your panel and it's still August we will send the 5000$ on 10th of September into your wallet).
  • The mining function includes a 10% fee on the profits that is used for pool fees, transfer fees and our services.
  • Everything will be transparent and will be easy to track by Logs.

  • The USD amount in the mining panel of iCafeCloud will be updated every 4-5 hours.

  • Everything will be transparent, we want an easier and fair process for all.