CCBoot Cloud Wiki Advanced configuration

  1. Single server multi NICs load balance
  2. Multiple servers load balance
  3. Client OS system optimization
  4. Client power options optimization
  5. Make windows 10 boot faster
  6. Steps to disable windows 10 update
  7. Server and client network optimization
  8. Server NIC teaming
  9. Set the DHCP client
  10. Virtual memory optimization
  11. Antivirus mode on server
  12. Write-back disk optimization
  13. Additional options in CCBoot client
  14. Enable USB write protection using CCBoot
  15. Make wake on LAN work
  16. Setup your network for CCBootCloud
  17. Difference between CCBootCloud and CCDisk
  18. Share folder in Windows 10
  19. Enable printer and network discovery in the client.
  20. Disable flow control before teaming
  21. Assign game disk to clients based on user group
  22. Enable auto licence renewal
  23. Move CCBootCloud to new OS
  24. Game Disk RAID 0 setup
  25. Create bootable USB (alternative way)
  26. Use CCDisk client